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  • Another Slave Act?!?!

    Another Slave Act?!?!
    Attached with the Compromise of 1850, the fugitive Slave act of 1850 was passed. It was enforced by government and was a pretty rough law. Any federal official that did not collect a runaway slave would have to pay a large fine and face other penalties. Being one of the most controversial arts of the Compromise, a lot of abolitionist got more dangerous. The Underground Railroad with the one and only Harriet Tubman was introduced, to try and get slaves to Canada.
  • Uncle Tommy really helped...

    Uncle Tommy really helped...
    Written by Harriet Breecher Stowe, Uncle Toms Cabin’s purpose was to show the awful events that occur with slavery and try to end it. It was a best seller at the time and had a large impact on how people interpreted slavery. This book, being one of the most popular novels of all time, was a huge impact to the beginning of the Civil War.
  • What to do with Kansas and Nebraska?

    What to do with Kansas and Nebraska?
    The Kansas Nebraska Act was passed in 1854, also named "Bleeding Kansas," began popular sovereignty. This is how the people vote. This act raised the 36'30 line and nullifies the Missouri Compromise. Violence, voting fraud and intimidation all increased during 1854-1860 and caused many political fights. After all the commotion, Kansas became a free state.
  • Sumner and The Cane...

    Sumner and The Cane...
    After the Kansas Nebraska Act was passed, a lot of political fights broke out, this just happens to be the worst one. On the floor of the U.S. Senate, Pro-Slavery, Preston Brooks, attacked Charles Sumner with a cane after Sumner attacked the pro-slavery officials, blaming them for the violence that occurred in Kansas. Charles Sumner suffered head trauma, he would constantly hallucinate, and have a brain disorder.
  • The Decission!

    The Decission!
    In 1857, the judge ruled Dred Scott a slave, unable to become a free man. He believed he was a free black male because he was a slave living in a free state. He was not ruled freedom because he had no possessions, no property owned or anything, He, himself was considered property, even though that seems harsh, it’s true. This event just increased the anger of anti-slavery abolitionist and furthered there fights towards ending it.
  • One way in...One Way out!

    One way in...One Way out!
    In 1859 John Brown and seventeen others, most being his sons, charged in to Harper's Ferry, Virginia. He wanted to start a slave rebellion, big enough to steal all the weapons. Soon after he and his men captured a lot of buildings on the island, they were surrounded by thousands of troops. Brown was thrown into jail, trialed and later hanged for treason. John Brown is the type of person that the South fears. He wants to end slavery, plain and simple.
  • Welcome Mr. President

    Welcome Mr. President
    Today, Abe Lincoln was introduced to The U.S. Government. Very soon after the election, South Carolina and six other states seceded from the Union. Lincoln knew it was going to happen, he knew that the South was getting to powerful and was making sure that slavery was staying there for them. This clearly was the biggest event that occurred leading to the Civil War!