The Mystery of Matter

Timeline created by Eduardo.24
  • 1520


    Suggested that the world was made from salt, sulfur, and mercury. Was really radical and was an alchemist.
  • Johann Becker

    Johann Becker
    Came up with the idea of phlogiston was credible and truth to the scientific community.
  • Hennig Brandt

    Hennig Brandt
    Was searching gold in urine. Distilled urine to paste, and ended up discovering firey phosphorus on accident. Led to alchemist turning to chemist.
  • Robert Boyle

    Robert Boyle
    Found phosphorus to be fire on demand. Was one of the first alchemists to be a chemist.
  • Joseph Black

    Joseph Black
    Tried to find a cure to a kidney stone. Ended up discovering carbon dioxide. Later Daniel Rutherford discovered nitrogen in 1772 and Henry Cavendish discovered hydrogen in 1766.
  • Henry Cavendish

    Henry Cavendish
    Discovered hydrogen however he thought he isolated phlogiston.
  • Joseph Priestly

    Joseph Priestly
    Discovered many gasses, known as a natural philosopher. Poured acid on everything and discovered 9 total gasses(most in the world). In 1772, Priestly found a way to make carbon dioxide and put it into water. He invented carbonation. His discovery led to make people believe that his drink can help with scurvy.
  • Antoine Lavoisier

    Antoine Lavoisier
    Applied the conservation of matter. Found out that a portion of air is absorbed back into metal. It challenged chemistry at the time. He knew he was onto something. Later in time, Priestly meets up with Lavoisier and he shares his discovery of an air that makes the fire brighter and does not kill it. In 1789, he wrote a book that convinced many people of the idea of different kinds of elements can make something.
  • Antoine Lavoisier shares his findings

    Antoine Lavoisier shares his findings
    What he shares is the discovery of oxygen. However, does not give credit to Priestly. Which led to the abolishment of the idea that there is only air, water, earth, and fire. He wrote a book in 1789 that convinced people of the idea of elements. His book included 33 simple elements.
  • Humphry Davy

    Humphry Davy
    Found out that friction melted ice when rubbed together. He breathed in different gasses. He breathed in nitrous oxide, which is known as laughing gas. In the 1800s Davy took his attention to electricity.
  • Humphry Davy Goes to London

    Humphry Davy Goes to London
    Davy was main lecturer and did experiments that became popular.
  • Humphry Davy

    Humphry Davy
    Constructed a big battery to break down potash to see what it was made out of. He discovered Potassium by doing so. He also discovered sodium by using electricity. Later in the year he used the battery and discovered Barium, Calcium, Magnesium, and Strontium. His discoveries led to the idea that electricity connects matter(the glue).