Night: Jacob Huh

Timeline created by huhhjacob
  • Ellie meets Moche

    Ellie meets Moche
    1-2 Sentence Summary: Ellie wants desperately to learn about cabbala, but his father says that he is too young to learn about "the perilous world of mysticism." Ellie then finds Moché, then starts to study without his father knowing.
    Character Development (Negative): At this point of the book, Ellie turns rebellious. This changes his attitude and personality throughout the book.
    How it relates to the theme: This shows the first steps of him changing as a character.
  • Arriving at Birkenau

    Arriving at Birkenau
    Summary: When they finally arrive at Birkenau, everyone's nerves are frayed, and they are jumpy. After hearing that they are being lead to the crematory, they once again have the idea of rebellion.
    Character Development (Negative): Once again, the idea of rebellion is in the air as they realize that they will die. Not only that, but Ellie begins to realize that God is not real.
    Relates to Theme: Ellie begins to realize how inhumane the Nazis were, and begins to ask where God is.
  • Ellie Refuses to Fast

    Ellie Refuses to Fast
    Summary: It is the Yom Kippur, the day of the fasting for the Jews. However, Ellie refuses to fast as a way to protest against God.
    Character Development (Negative): The novel states that he didn't fast mostly to please his father, who had forbidden him to. But he also states that his father didn't need to tell him that, since he no longer accepted God.
    Relation to Theme: This shows how Ellie no longer believes in God. By refusing to fast, he is confirming that God is an illusion.
  • Ellie Witnesses a Hanging

    Ellie Witnesses a Hanging
    Summary: Ellie and ten thousand other prisoners all line up, and watch the ceremony. After the hanging, they were supposed to look the dead in the eye, as a reminder as to what would happen if they dared to do something.
    Character Development (Negative): This hardens Ellie, and he realizes that he must do whatever it takes to survive.
    Relation to Theme: This shows the inhumanity that the Nazis are doing, and how no one is doing anything to stop them.
  • Arriving at Buchenwald/Abandoning his Father

    Arriving at Buchenwald/Abandoning his Father
    Summary: After a vicious death march, they finally arrive at Buchenwald. Ellie is exhausted, and leaves his father in the snow.
    CD (Positive): Ellie is hardened to the point where he only thinks about the survival of himself, which ultimately helps him make it to the end.
    Relation to Theme: This shows how war can change anyone. Ellie started the Holocaust loyal to his father, but now he abandons him.
  • Ellie Thinks About Stealing Food From his Father

    Ellie Thinks About Stealing Food From his Father
    Summary: Ellie's father is in the hospital, and Ellie meets a man that tells him to steal his father's rations. For a split second, Ellie thinks that he is right.
    CD (Negative): This shows what war will do to someone, even someone who is loyal to their father. He is only thinking about the survival of himself.
    Relation to Theme: This shows how the war will change anyone, and how it is inevitable.
  • Theme Statement

    Theme Statement: War can change anyone, including their personality and their beliefs. Violence only breeds inhumanity, destruction, and greediness.