Evolution Unit Project:The Nintendo DS

Timeline created by Little Otaku
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    The Nintendo DS Timeline

    The DS has been through a lot of changes through the years and this timeline shows the evolution of it.
  • The Nintendo DS

    The Nintendo DS
    The DS is a handheld gaming console that was created by Nintendo Corp.. The word "DS" stands for "Duel-screen". The original DS was the first handheld console that Nintendo created that was able to have wireless connection, 3D graphics, a Touch screen, a microphone, and stereo sound. The Nintendo DS can also be able to play Game-Boy disks.
  • The Nintendo DS Lite

    The Nintendo DS Lite
    The DS Lite is the first redesign of the orignal DS. It had a much more slimmer look compared to the original and it was much more lighter. The DS Lite also had a brighter screen than the first and it could play Game-Boy games as well.
  • Nintendo DSi

    Nintendo DSi
    The Nintendo DSi was the second design of the DS line. This design was slightly bigger and slimmer than the DS Lite design. This design also included a mega pixal camera in it, which allows the user to take pictures with it The DSi also included an app store which allowed the user to download different games and music. And unlike the DS and the DS Lite the DSi can't play any Game-Boy disks.
  • The DSi XL

    The DSi XL
    The DSi XL is a redesign of the DSi. The DSi XL still has all the same features the DSi has, but is bigger and slightly slimmer. Just like the DSi The DSi XL cannot play any Game-Boy Disks.
  • Nintendo 3DS

    Nintendo 3DS
    The 3DS is a handheld gaming console, created by Nintendo corp., that allows users to play games in 3D without using 3d glasses. The 3DS also allows the user to browse on the internet and stream videos. Just like the DSi, the 3DS has a mega pixal camera and can not play any Game-Boy disks. But the 3DS can still play regular DS cards as well as 3DS cards. The 3DS also has a mii maker similar to the Nintendo Wii and it is also one of Nintendo's first handheld consoles with a joystick.
  • Nintendo 3DS XL

    Nintendo 3DS XL
    The Nintendo 3DS XL has similar features as the 3DS. The only difference is that it has a bigger screen and a slightly thinner design.
  • The Nintendo 2DS

    The Nintendo 2DS
    The Nintendo 2DS is very similar to the 3DS the only differences is that it's more flat and tablet-like instead of a foldable shell. The 2DS screen is slighlty smaller than the 3DS'. Just like the DSi and the 3DS it can not play Game-Boy games, but it can play all 3DS game cards and regular DS game cards.