The Notebook

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    The story begins

    The story begins
    “Who am I? And how, I wonder, will this story end?”. We do not really get to know the character in the first chapter of the book: “Miracles”. We barely get little teezers of what the story will be about, for example we know that the story starts in a hospital. A husband is waiting for miracles to happen once again while reading his wife “the notebook”. In this chapter we make ourselves questions that will not be answered before the end of the book.
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    The First Meeting

    The story jumps back to 1946, where we get to know the main characters. Firstly Noah: Noah Calhoun sat on his porch thinking about when he first met his love, Allie, in 1932. It was the start of the summer, just after graduation, on the opening night of the Neuse River Festival in New Bern. Noah arrived alone looking for his friends, but instead he met the love of his life. Fin and Sarah- his childhood buddies, were talking to a girl he had never seen before. She was pretty with h