The Qing Dynasty

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  • The Beginning of the Qing Dynasty

    The Beginning of the Qing Dynasty
    The Manchus named their dynasty Qing and established their capital in Bejing in 1644.
  • More Chinese than Chinese

    In many ways the Manchus attitude toward Chinese culture was to be more chinese than chinese. Basically to be the best Chinese you could.
  • Period: to


  • Economic Prosperity and Popluation Growth

    Economic Prosperity and Popluation Growth
    China entered a century long period of order and prosperity. New agriculture methods and the food crops from america fthat the Qing dynasty had introduced increased the food supply.
  • Population Growth

    Population Growth
    Chinas population in 1660 was between 100 and 150 million. By 1800 it was 300 million and it grew to 400 million by the mid 19th century. This population growth later caused serious problems.
  • The powerful emporors.

    The powerful emporors.
    China produced to strong emprors there names were Kang Xi, and Qiang Long.Kiang Xi ruled from 1661 to 1722. Qian Long ruled from 1735 to 1796.
  • Control

    In 1684 the Qing gained control of southern China.
  • Early Contacs with the Europeans.

    Chinese slowed exloration when the Portuguese started to explore the African Coast.
  • China Trade

    In 1757 the emperor of China decreed that trade with the west would be carried on only at the port of Guangzhou.
  • Commissioner Lin Zexu

    Commissioner Lin Zexu
    In 1839 the emporer sent comissioner Lin Zexu as a speacial envoy to the port of Guangzhou to bring the opium trade to an end.
  • The opium war the unequal treaty system

    The opium war the unequal treaty system
    In 1842,China was forced to accept the Treaty of Najing. The treaty called for four moreports to be opend to trade.
  • The Late Qing Dynasty Ends

    In 1912 The Late Qing finally ended due to losing the mandate of heaven.