The Qing Dynasty (1644-1912)

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  • Emporer Shunzhi

    Emporer Shunzhi
    Qing army defeats the Ming army and officially become the new dynastic cycle.
  • Period: to

    Qing Dynasty Time Span

  • Emporer Kangxi

    Emporer Kangxi
    The beggining of one of the greatest emporer
  • Truce in Veitnam

    Truce in Veitnam
    Kangxi helped to create a truce between two warring groups in Veitnam which had been going on for forty-five years.
  • Revolt

    Burni led the Chahar Mongols in a revolt against the Qing. The Revolt proved to have been a bad idea when their forces were crushed two months later.
  • Downfall of kingdom Tungning

    Downfall of kingdom Tungning
    The Qing naval forces under the command of Shi lang conquered Tungning at the battle of Penghu.
  • Territory expansion

    Territory expansion
    During this time China expanded it's territory and took Tibet, Xinjiang and Taiwan.
  • No More Trade

    No More Trade
    The emperor said that trade with the West would be carried on only at the port of Gangzhou, in addition the British could not send their own representatives to the Chinese court.
  • Opium War

    The Opium war began when the British began to grow Opium and sell it to India instead of China. This made the chinese very angry. After, the war the Chinese were weakened and were falling apart.
  • Taiping Rebellion

    The Taiping Rebellion took place after the Opium War and the weakened state of China was practically, destroyed.
  • Downfall

    The last emperor Puyi and the last feudal monarch was put in prison by the Chairman named Mao.