The subway

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In History
  • Creation of the subway

     Creation of the subway
    The subway was created and planned in 1950
  • Firts Line

    The first subway line was built on June 19, 1967
  • Line 1

    Line 1 was made up of 16 stations that ran from Chapulltepec to Zaragoza
  • Metro Opening

    The metro is inaugurated by the government on behalf of the Metropolitan System in Collective Transport
  • Line 1 Extended

    Line 1 extended from Chapultepec to Juanacatlan and soon extended to Tacubaya
  • Metro extended

     Metro extended
    The metro lines were extended to the Observatory, but it was not until 1984 that the last section of Zaragoza-Pantitlan was inaugurated
  • Subway tragedy

     Subway tragedy
    The subway was also affected by the tragedy when two trains collided at the Viaductor station in 1976
  • Women on the subway

     Women on the subway
    The subway was driven by a group of 10 women, this happened from the Medical Center to Zapata
  • New Lines

    New Lines
    The construction of new lines 6 and 7 begin on the subway, the latter goes from Tacuba to the Auditorium and then spread to Barranza del Muerto
  • Last Line

    Last Line
    The subway planned the construction of subway line 12, this line corresponds to 8, 2, 3 and 7, it was inaugurated on October 30, 2012