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  • landmark 4: presentation Refine and Launch the Final Choice of Design - Communicate Processes and Results

    project plan
    exhibition format
    script proposal
    sum up his persona
  • Hand In Project Data & Last Meeeting ZKF

    Technikliste und Kalkulationsliste Abgabe von Layoutbildern für Flyer Abgabe finale Texte:
    Titel: (in Englisch oder Deutsch)
    Untertitel: (in Englisch oder Deutsch)
    Name: Vorname Nachname
    Projekttext: (in Englisch oder Deutsch) ca. 500 Zeichen ohne Leerzeichen Material/Technik/Form der Präsentation
    Platzbedarf in Ausstellung in cm Länge/Breite/Höhe
    Podest, Maße
  • rehearse weekend

  • finalise all production details, brief & daily plans

  • feedback round on cutting

    Screen the short film to an audience who will give feedback on the film, including what worked well and what didn't through audience feedback
  • screening and being done with it.

  • Period: to

    writing script + storyboard

    weekly meetings
  • Period: to

    pre production

    locations (nature, atelier, ...)
    equipment (mark iii, stabilizer, lights)
    training (eg a weekend)
    book location
    organise transport
    recruit help
  • Period: to


    from dispo then daily plan
    set up
    shooting days
    sighting in the evening
    continue We will allow ourselves to have 1.5 weeks to complete our short film (video wise) and will have regular meetings and discuss what shots work and those than do not, therefore making sure we have time to re shot if we are not happy.
  • Period: to

    post production

    finalising promo material CI
  • Period: to

    editing, cutting, etc idk

  • Period: to

    work in feedback