The Uprising of the Wintour Era

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  • Birth of Anna Wintour

    Birth of Anna Wintour
    Born in London to Chalres Wintour (Editor of The Evening Standards) and Eleanor "Nonie" Trego Baker.
  • Anna's First taste of fashion

    Anna's First taste of fashion
    Anna's father arranged for her first job at Biba's Boutique in London. She then proceded to drop out of school and took up her learning at Harrods.
  • Anna's First position of power

    Anna is hired after the merger between Harper's Bazzar UK and Queen Magazine as an editorial assistant.
  • Period: to

    Anna Leaps Across the Pond

    After finding that there were too many creative differences between herself and the magazines lead editor Min Hogg, Anna decided it would be best to move on and search for better prospects. This is when she and her boy friend of the time Jon Bradshaw decide to move to New York City.
  • Anna Sweeps New York

    Anna Sweeps New York
    Anna is hired as the Junior Editor of Harpers Bazzar but only lasts 9 short months there, do to being deemed a rival to then editor Tony Mazzola.
  • Her next move...

    After being dismissed from Harper's she proceeded to snag a job as Editor at Viva and adult women's magazine.
  • Period: to

    Anna's Slump...

    The magazine folded after two years, which led to Anna stepping out of the work circut for 2 whole years.
  • Anna's Back!

    Anna's Back!
    Anna came back full force in 1980 when she became fashion editor of Savvy Magazine, but everyone knew that she really had her eyes set on taking over Vogue.
  • A true New Yorker

    She quits Savvy and takes over as the fashion editor of New York Magazine.Wintour was the woman that started putting celebrities on magazines, instead of just models. This jump made alot of higher up individuals pay attention to Anna. This is where she lays her plans in motion to take Vogue and make it hers.
  • Period: to

    No one was ready for the Nuclear Wintour

    Anna floated around the works controlled by the Conde Nast company between American Vogues Fashion Director, UK Vogues Editor, Home and Garden Editor, and then finally she was able to take the postion she had her eye on for some time, The Editor of Vogue.
  • Anna Recreates Vogue from the ground up

    Anna finally at US Vogue, has the position she wants, and she isn't afreaid on stepping on people's toes. She proceeded to change the entire focus, layout, and staff of the magazine in hopes that it would help seperate it from their competitors.
  • Philanthropy can be fabulous too!

    After achieveing what she was truly after in life, Anna decided it was time for her to give back. She became very devoted to the Metropolitan Art Museum where she has raised 50+ million dollars for their costume institute. She is also heavily involved with the AIDS charity in which she has raised over 10 million dollars to date.
  • Designer Labels aren't just for the good guys...

    Designer Labels aren't just for the good guys...
    In 2003 The Devil Wears Prada (later adapted into a movie) was created by a former assistant of Wintours. It depicts the boss, as the most dispicable and far fetched individual known to man. The character is more than rumored to be specifically about accounts of Anna Wintour and how she treats her fellow coworkers. Wintour proceeded to just laugh off all accusations.
  • The Epic September Issue has arrived

    The Epic September Issue has arrived
    A documentary surfaces that Anna Wintour did in which she is followed around as her and her staff plan out every aspect of the years largest magazine, The September Issue. This shows Anna in her most human form, in which you see her interact with friends, traveling, working, and even her home life. THis helped build up her credit after the blow from the Devil Wears Prada painted her as such a monsterous boss.
  • Anna comes back swinging as her era continues

    Anna comes back swinging as her era continues
    Anna, backed by Vogue, teams up with CFDA (The Council Fashion Designers of America), in the time of recession in order to help out the fashion world and all designers. They create Fashion Night Out,which is an eveing in which designers open their shops, have specials, designers, etc and they promote and sell like it is nobody's business. The popularity of the event was so high for the evening in NYC, numerous other countries have now created their own Fashion Night Out.