The War That Saved My Life

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  • London

    Ada is living with her cruel mum and her brother Jamie above the pub where her mum works.
  • Little Steps

    Each day while her mum is at work and Jamie outside, she starts to teach her self to walk.
  • Escape

    Ada escape with Jamie. She takes all the sugar and mum's shoes. She walks all the way to school with Jamie to leave and go to England because of the war.
  • England

    Ada and Jamie arrive in England from a long train ride. While all the other kids are getting taking in by new temporary owners, Ada and Jamie are the only ones left.
  • Miss Smith

    Because Ada and Jamie were not taken in my anybody, they were taken to Miss Smiths house. She was forced to take them.
  • New Life

    Miss Smith takes good care of Ada and Jamie. She feeds and bathes them everyday. She is not ashamed of Ada and bandages up her foot.
  • The Pony

    While Miss Smith was sleeping, Ada went outside to see the pony in the backyard. She got up on the pony and attempted to ride it.
  • The Doctor

    Miss Smith takes Ada to the doctor took look at her foot. She finds out she was born with something called club foot. They can have an operation o fix her foot. In the book Miss Smith writes Ada's mom about the operation but never gets a response.
  • Becky

    Ada finds out Miss Smith uses to live with a girl named Becky who was here best friend. She had pasted away and left the pony to her.
  • The Doctor

    Miss Smith took Ada to the doctor to look at her foot. He said she was born with something called club foot. She also found out they could do an operation to her foot with her mother permission. In the book Miss Smith writes to Ada's mum several times but never gets a response.
  • The Swiss Family Robinson

    Miss Smith started reading one of her childhood favorite books to Ada and Jamie before they went to bed.
  • Crutches

    To help Ada walk she gets crutches.
  • School

    Jamie will start to go to school.When Miss Smith, mentioned Ada going to school to the teacher she denied her. So Miss Smith ended up homeschooling Ada.
  • Magaret

    One day when Ada was outside a girl crashed off her horse and fell into her yard. Her name was Margaret. Ada helped her all the way to her house.
  • Grimes

    To help Ada with her pony she went to Grimes for advice. He was very nice to her. In returned Ada helped him with chores.
  • Left Handed

    Miss Smith found out the teacher had tied Jamie left hand to the chair everyday because he kept writing with it. For then on he was home schooled by Miss Smith.
  • Birthdays

    When Miss Smith took Ada and Jamie to register for ID cards they didn't know their birthdays so Miss Smiths made so up. Ada's is now on April,5 1929 and Jamie's is on February,15 1933.
  • Stephen White

    Stephen White and his colonel invited Ada to tea. She was embarrassed she couldn't write back herself she declined.
  • Christmas

    For Christmas Ada makes Miss Smith a scarf secretly all by herself.
  • Rationing

    In January rationing began. For example their might not be any butter or meat in shops.
  • Mam

    Mam came to get Ada and Jamie back. They lived in a new house closer to the factory Mam now worked at. Mam was crueler than ever, she very mean to Ada and took her crutches, and things away. The only reason she took them back was because they charged 19 shillings a week. Ada asked Mam if she even wanted her and Jamie and she said no. The next day Ada and Jamie set off, but then a bomb went off. They got to the closest shelter. When they got out they found Miss Smith looking them.
  • Getting Even

    When Miss Smith, Ada, and Jamie got back to her house, they found it had been bombed. They saved Miss Smith's life and Miss Smith saved theirs.
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    The War That Saved My Life