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In History
  • Munn vs Illinois and Stone vs Wisconsin

    These were Supreme Court cases that Supreme Court declared if it an industry was created for the public good, it must be regulated by the public for the public.
  • Invention of the Light Bulb

    Thomas Edison's invention of the light bulb helped direct the path of other electrical devices apart from electricity being used for a source of light. Edison's invention helped to shine many ideas due to his invention, that has continued to help inspire many other inventions that we use today.
  • Immigration Act

    Act created by the United States that denied admission to people who were not able to support themselves, people with mental illnesses, or convicted criminals, who might otherwise threaten the security of the nation.
  • Chinese Exclusion Act

    Act that denied any additional Chinese laborers to enter the
    United States while allowing students and merchants to immigrate.
  • Interstate Commerce Act

    A federal law created to manage the railroad industries, especially in how much the railroad industries charge people.
  • In His Steps:What would Jesus do?

    A best selling Christian novel, written by Charles Sheldon, helping
    to challenge Christians to engage society politically and economically, for the help of those in need and less fortunate.
  • Plessy vs Ferguson

    Plessy vs Ferguson was the court case which upheld the constitutionality of racial segregation in the United States "separate but equal"
  • Spanish-American War

    Conflict between Spain and the United States, which helped end Spain's colonial rule over Cuba and in the end for the United States gain Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines.
  • Treaty of Paris 1898

    Treaty which ended the Spanish-American War that
    allowed the US to gain Spain’s former holdings of Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines.
  • Lacey Act

    The law created to ban the trade of wildlife, plant, or fish that were illegally stolen, transported or sold in any way.