This summer we went on a Medatranin Cruise.

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  • Royal Carrabien Cruise!

    Royal Carrabien Cruise!
    This summer i went on a medatranin cruise with Royal Carrabien.My favourite part of the cruisse was dinner and the shows because the shows were entertaining.
  • Party time 11th Birthday party!

    Party time 11th Birthday party!
    Guess what I had my Birthday party and we desgined cupcakes
    and cookies it was awsome. Then we played a exciting game poke the cupcake. So we basiclly got blind- folded and we got spun and we had to stick a cherry on top of the cupcake whoever got closest to the top of the cupcake they get a prize and theuy win!
  • Go karting with cuzins

    Go karting with cuzins
    In summer I went to my home town. Vancouver, Canada and i went go- karting with my cuzins. the problem was that i was small so i coulden't drive the kart. So my cuzin Hanna drove me.
  • last year chrisymas!

    last year chrisymas!
    One of my favourite celebrations are christmas and i love putting decorations around the house and decorating everything. So i usally decorate the christmas tree with my mom and we have a great time. I always get a christmas calender so what it is it's a calender countdown to christmas and you eat the choclate each day until you reach that day of christmas.
  • Friday breakfest!

    my favourite day is friday for a reason becasue it's when i get to spend time with my family. on fridays we usally go to a french resturant in mall of emirates called Paul it's really good we go there for breakfest on fridays sometimes.
  • Sleepover party

    I love having sleepovers with my friends because it's fun and i get to do things with my friends. we always do spooky stories wich is the best part.
  • Weekend fun day!

    Weekend fun day!
    on Thursday me and Ayra went to a place across my house and we rideded on a camel and horse it was so fun it felt wierd to be on the camel and i loved the horse. We also got hennas on our leg.
  • At my cuzins wedding!

    At my cuzins wedding!
    2 years ago I went to my cuzins wedding I got to see all my family and we enjoyed our time there. There was a lot of dancing and laughing It was basiclly the first time that i saw the bride. And then a year later they had a dughter named Jasmine wich I've not meet yet but soon I will.