Time line in méxico and chile Topic 10 and 11 Andy Pérez 9G

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  • Juan VI refuger

    Juan VI refuger
    After Napoleon's conquest in Portugal
    Juan VI took refuge in Brazil
  • Napoleon imprisoned Charles IV

    Napoleon imprisoned Charles IV
    Napoleon imprisoned Carlos VII and his son Ferdinand was forced to his favor in his favor
  • Proclamation of Sovereign

    Proclamation of Sovereign
    On this date the independence of South America was created
  • A self government

     A self government
    At this time, Quito proclaimed its own government
  • murder of 300 people

     murder of 300 people
    At this time 300 people were murdered in America
  • The multiplication of the Creole elites

     The multiplication of the Creole elites
    At this time the Creole elites multiplied
  • simon bolivar new military

    simon bolivar new military
    In 1811 simon bolivar was appointed new military
  • The liberathig Simón Bolivar

    The liberathig Simón Bolivar
    Simon Bolivar 2 years later released Merida and Caracas and that is why they gave her the name of Liberator
  • topic 11 Fernando VII come back to the throne

    topic 11 Fernando VII  come back to the throne
    In 1814 fernando VII returned to the throne after the military campaigns
  • Juan VI proclamation

    Juan VI proclamation
    After living 8 years John VI proclaims that Brazil is the territorial base of the Brazilian Empire
  • the moving

    the  moving
    In 1815 Fernando VII moved to Cadiz after the expansion of La Paz
  • the war reactivan

    the war reactivan
    In 1817 the war was reactivated thanks to Bolivar, Piar and Páez
  • The rebellion of Simón Bolívar

    The rebellion of Simón Bolívar
    In 1818 Bolivar defeated Morillo in the dungeon
  • Independence of new granada

    Independence of new granada
    Bolívar defeated the royalists and in that was the independence of New Granada
  • Guayaquil's independence

     Guayaquil's independence
    One of the most important dates was undoubtedly the Independence of Guayaquil
  • Regularization Treaty

     Regularization Treaty
    A year later, Morillo and Bolivar signed the regularization war treaty
  • Juan Vl moves

     Juan Vl moves
    In 1821 Juan Vl returned to Portugal from jando to his son as gabernador
  • Defeat of the army

     Defeat of the army
    The army would be defeated in the battle of Carabobo
  • Independencia de pichincha

     Independencia de pichincha
    One of the most epic battles Bola del Pichincha For Antonio José de sucre came to lead the Ecuadorian army to end the rebellion of the great Colombia
  • The cry of lares

     The cry of lares
    The cry of Lares was Puerto Rico when against Spain