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In History
  • John Locke is born in England

  • studys philosophy, medicine and law at Oxford colllage

    after studying philosophy, medicine and law, and mathamatics and graduating with several degrees lock became a very important professor at Oxford collage
  • he says his famous quote'' there for i think i am''

  • anthony ahley cooper meets locke

  • lockes has surgery on lord ashleys liver to help him live another 15 years

  • writes the fundemental constitution of carolina

    Because of Lord Ashley's involvement in the new British colonies in America Locke is asked to write the Fundamental Constitution of Carolina 1670
  • first draft

    Locke writes his first draft of the Essay Concerning Human Understanding, in it are ideas on Natural Law; based partially on the writings of others 1671
  • lock begins to write and promote the idea of a social contract

  • lockes ideas about the revelution against a goverment are linked to a plot to kill the king locke flees to holand many that agreed with him and the lord are arreted and some are killed.

  • locke is welcomed by the new king and returns to england

  • human understanding

    Essay Concerning Human Understanding by John Locke is published
  • two treaties of civil governmet by john locke is published

  • british board of trade

    Locke is appointed to the British Board of Trade and even though his health is failing he is its most influential member 1696-1700
  • locke is appointed to the british board of trade and event though his health is failing he is its most influencial member

  • john locke dies

  • thomas jefferson burrows from john lockes ideas to write the declaration of independence