Timeline CarmenAriza

Timeline created by carmenaariza
  • Study (FP)

    Study (FP)
    I will have done my work practices and I will have graduated in 2022.
  • Health (FC)

    Health (FC)
    I will be starting my treatment to straighten my jaw at the orthodontist and I'll be waiting for the wisdom tooth operation
  • Job (W)

    Job (W)
    I will work virtually in some university.
    I will work as an English or Spanish teacher.
  • Home (FPC)

    Home (FPC)
    In 2023, I will have been living in my mother's own house for 2 years and my mom will have been buying furniture.
  • Pets (G)

    Pets (G)
    I am going to care all my pets.
    My house will be big, so I'm going to have 5 pets
  • Sport (PS)

    Sport (PS)
    the sport in my life starts in this year and I have volleyball practice every weekend morning.
  • Independent (PS)

    Independent (PS)
    When I live alone, I will do what I want and I will eat sweets until I get sick.
  • Specialization (FC)

    Specialization (FC)
    I will be working while I do my specialization.
    I will be doing a graduate degree.
  • Friendship (G)

    Friendship (G)
    I'm going to continue being friends with my friends from school and I'm going to visit them 4 times
  • Travel (PC)

    Travel (PC)
    I am flying to New York in september of this year and i am leaving new york in 2027
  • Animal shelter (PC)

    Animal shelter (PC)
    I am returning to my country to make an animal shelter and i am taking care of cats and dogs in 2027
  • Learn new things (FPC)

    Learn new things (FPC)
    In this year I will have been learning many things, such as dancing, singing, cooking, play musical instruments, etc.
    I will have been taken some courses.
  • Spiritual (W)

    Spiritual (W)
    I will look for a religion in which I feel comfortable, and I will try to be devout.
  • Family (FP)

    Family (FP)
    I will have married this year and I will have started to create my family.