Timeline English Work

Timeline created by simon andres ramirez
  • Go out

    Go out
    i still going out in family
  • Like pasta

    Like pasta
    I still liking pasta since 2012
  • Play Board Games

    Play Board Games
    i still playing boar games in family
  • Ride a bike

    Ride a bike
    i still riding a bike in the street since 2014
  • Play outside

    Play outside
    i still playing outside my house since 2014( for the coronavirus obviously not at the moment)
  • Play Soccer

    Play Soccer
    i still playing soccer since 2014
  • Play VideoGames

    Play VideoGames
    i still playing play station since 2016
  • Study english

    Study english
    i still studing english since 2016
  • Study

    i still studing in the upb since 2016
  • Like anime

    Like anime
    I still liking anime since 2017