Timeline for Mussolini and Fascist Italy

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  • Formation of an independent Italy

    Formation of an independent Italy
    After the War of Independence against Austria. Italy was seen as an independent nation. The picture was chosen to see where Italy was located in relation to Austria, and the Ottoman Empire. The picture shows that Italy was rather small as it just became independent and that it had previously had influence from the Austrians.
  • Papal States taken over by new nation of Italy

    Papal States taken over by new nation of Italy
    During this time, the French where occupied with the Franco-Prussian war, the Italians took advantage of this and entered Rome, then the Papal States were included into Italy's territories. The picture chosen shows the time period in which the Papal States were incorporated into the Kingdom of Italy, and it's location on the map.
  • Failure of First Italo-Ethiopian War with the Battle of Adowa (Adwa)

    Failure of First Italo-Ethiopian War with the Battle of Adowa (Adwa)
    During the Battle of Adowa the Italians lost against Ethiopia after being in Tigre. The image shows the Italians surrounded by Ethiopians depicting their loss although they have weaponry like cannons.
  • Italy invades and takes over Libya

    Italy invades and takes over Libya
    Italy invaded Turkey in attempts to grow stronger as a nation. This could be impactful in the perspective of the Italians as a victory would help refuel nationalists and citizens of Italy. The photo emphasizes the invasion and the strategies going into occupying Libya.
  • Mussolini begins work as editor for the Socialist Party newspaper Avanti

    Mussolini begins work as editor for the Socialist Party newspaper Avanti
    Mussolini given the job as an editor was useful in voicing his opinions throughout the media of revolution. The photo allows the reader to see what kind of newspaper Avanti looked like. This is interesting because socialism is completely opposite than Fascism which is what Mussolini supports.
  • Mussolini kicked out of Socialist Party for pro-nationalistic sentiments regarding WW I

    Mussolini kicked out of Socialist Party for pro-nationalistic sentiments regarding WW I
    Mussolini created his own newspaper due to him realizing he does not support the socialist ideals within Italy at the time. The picture shows Mussolini's new newspaper as his ideals shifted to more nationalistic and fascist ideals. This shows the change in ideology resulting in the dismemberment of his part in the socialist party.
  • Treaty of London

    Treaty of London
    The Treaty of London was the treaty in which Italy would join the Triple Entente and Italy signed to prove itself and so that the nationalists would be content with Italy. The image shows Italy still declaring independence from Austria by fighting on the side of the Entente showing the importance of nationalism in Italy's role in WWI.
  • Beginning of Biennio Rosso

    Beginning of Biennio Rosso
    Socialism was not doing well in Italy after there were many unemployed workers leading to violence across the country. This was massively significant when citizens looked towards a new form of government and would lead Benito Mussolini to Fascism. The image shows the current form of government, with the hammer and sickle which would later be replaced by all the Fasci.
  • Fascio di Combattimento formed in Milan

    Fascio di Combattimento formed in Milan
    Mussolini formed the Fascio di Combattimento in Milan to show that Mussolini has people who will fight for Fascism. This was important to show that there were people during this time who were violently striving to escape socialism. This picture shows the emblem of the Fascio di Combattimento, which has an axe, displaying the violence that would earn Fascism.
  • D’Annunzio takes Fiume

    D’Annunzio takes Fiume
    2000 men went to Fiume and claimed it, this is important because Mussolini used this as reference to understand how he should grow his Fascist movement, through power and force. The picture was chosen to show the massive amounts of people included in this army to claim Fiume and how it was done with organization and resulted in strength for D'Annunzio.
  • Mussolini forms alliance with Giolitti

    Mussolini forms alliance with Giolitti
    The Anti-socialist National Bloc creation shows that Mussolini was gaining trust of the liberals so that his political party was sure to rise and take over Italy. The photo is of Giolitti, showing what he looked like.
  • Mussolini forms the PNF (Fascist Party) and is elected its leader

    Mussolini forms the PNF (Fascist Party) and is elected its leader
    Mussolini began the political party after using his Combattimento. This image shows the logo of the PNF, and it has elements of the Combattimento with the axe. This also has the Italian flag as the background to show that the party is for arming Italy through Fascism.
  • March on Rome and Mussolini becomes Prime Minister

    March on Rome and Mussolini becomes Prime Minister
    Mussolini agrees to the March on Rome and it allows the fascists to gain confidence in the political party. As a result of the march Mussolini becomes the Prime minister. The picture shows the massive amounts of people that want change as mentioned before, the march is a symbol of victory for the Fascist party.
  • Acerbo Law passed

    Acerbo Law passed
    The Acerbo Law was made to see what party would get two thirds of the seats in the governments. It was important for the Fascists because they gained so many seats, sitting at 373. The picture used for this event shows that 2/3 majority would be gaining many seats, which is re-emphasized to display the power the Fascists were gaining rapidly so that Italy would soon become Fascist.
  • Corfu Incident

    Corfu Incident
    An Italian General died in Greece, Mussolini attempted to invade Corfu and this resulted in a $50 million gain for Italy as reparations for the death of the General. This was important as Italy was asserting dominance over other countries and gaining power through force, which was essential to a Fascist rule. The image is of Enrico Tellini, the general who died and what sparked the Corfu Incident.
  • Matteotti Crisis

    Matteotti Crisis
    Giacomo Mateotti was aware of violence from Fascists during elections. He was then killed and tainted Mussolini's image. This was important because it showed coercion used within Fascism and the public was becoming aware of this. The image displays a large Mussolini sitting over the coffin of Matteotti, showing that he will go to any lengths to gain power in Italy.
  • Aventine Secession

    Aventine Secession
    This secession was after Mussolini's involvement with Matteoti's death was becoming relevant in the news. The socialists were becoming confident as they were hoping for Mussolini to lose his power and stance in Italy, but it backfired on the socialists. The image shows Matteoti in his coffin, and this image was circling Italy, but did nothing to hinder Mussolini as the king favored Mussolini's rule.
  • Battle for Grain

    Battle for Grain
    This Battle for Grain was incentive for the Italians to gain independence from imports of other countries and to grow their own crops. This was important because in order for Italy to become powerful it would need autonomy and then it could begin taking over other inferior nations. The image shows men of all kinds, (in suits) even harvesting crops because of the large incentives to do so on behalf of Mussolini.
  • Locarno Treaty signed

    Locarno Treaty signed
    The Locarno Treaty was signed so that they could create peaceful settlements with Germany which were eventually unsuccessful as Germany disbanded them. The image includes important negotiators like Austen Chamberlain and 2 others which shows the attempts of peace were circulated by 3 people and were quite simple.
  • Battle for Land and Battle for the Lira

    Battle for Land and Battle for the Lira
    The Lira was inflated that created a large lack of worth in the Lira which was bad although there was a lot of land that could be used to create more jobs for peasants. This was significant as Italy was declining after the Battle for the Lira. The image shows what a Lira looks like, to contextualize the situation better.
  • Battle for Births

    Battle for Births
    The purpose of the Battle for Births was to increase population of Italy so that Mussolini's reign would be further supported in the future by troops that are born as of then. He did this by incentivising gender roles and stay at home mothers. This did not work as people still lived their normal lives. The image is important in showing the people that actually did go through with this plan emphasizing Mussolini's influence on his people.
  • Kellogg-Briand Treaty signed

    Kellogg-Briand Treaty signed
    The treaty was made to not use battle to come to resolutions of arguments. This did not work at all and especially with Fascism Mussolini did not really want to agree with this as it goes against his method of gaining power. The image is simply what the pact looked like to further contextualize the event and allow the reader to see all the leaders that ended up signing but not following it.
  • Lateran Treaty with Pope

    Lateran Treaty with Pope
    The Vatican City would recognize Italy and it's gain of Rome. This was bad because the Catholics were angered by this and Mussolini did not gain them as allies. The image shows the treaty being made with Mussolini and also the Pope, showing the significance of religion in Rome and how Mussolini did not gain this advantage.
  • Abyssinian Crisis

    Abyssinian Crisis
    The Abyssinian Crisis was an attempt to regain confidence after the failure in Adwa, Mussolini did this to gain major ports and cities. This is significant when Mussolini decides to face Hitler. The picture shows the border conflict used by Mussolini and his men.
  • Stresa Front

    Stresa Front
    France Britain and Italy tried to suppress Hitler trying to make Germany powerful again, this was important as it contradicted the Versailles. There was a lot of tension especially with Italy and Britain. The image shows 3 men going up against Hitler and watching him as he's alone and angry, emphasizing Hitlers loneliness in views regarding rearming Germany.
  • Italian involvement with Spanish Civil War

    Italian involvement with Spanish Civil War
    Mussolini joins the Spanish Civil War as more nationalism increases to further the ideals of a Fascist society, Italy gave weapons and spread their ideals to other countries. The image shows the Italian influence as a hand playing with the Spanish like a puppet master after helping them to then plan to take over after.
  • Rome-Berlin Axis Treaty signed

    Rome-Berlin Axis Treaty signed
    This was a treaty that made a partnership between Germany and Italy, important as it creates the partnership within WW2. The image shows Hitler and his followers chanting for victory as they would gain Italy as an ally going into WW2
  • Munich Conference

    Munich Conference
    This conference led to the annexation of Sudetenland in attempts to find peace. This image shows many leaders especially from Britain France Italy and Germany that came to this agreement to find peace.
  • Italy invades Albania

    Italy invades Albania
    The invasion of Italy was used so that Italy can gain more ground and political power. The image shows the destruction in Albania as well as large amount of Italian troops that try to create more power for Italy through this invasion.
  • Italy enters WW II on side of Germany

    Italy enters WW II on side of Germany
    Joining the war for Italy was of course, to gain more power and land, within Africa and the Middle east. This is obvious that it occurred based off of the Fascist ideals that run deeply in success for Italy. The image is a political cartoon showing Italy's role in WWII for land after following a large tank and not being able to see past it.
  • Mussolini brought down by coup during WW II

    Mussolini brought down by coup during WW II
    Mussolini got voted out of power. Mussolini's rule was only successful if Italy was constantly in war and constantly facing turmoil on the homefront. This shows that he was also weak as it simply took votes to get him out of office. The image is one of Mussolini to show readers what he looked like.
  • Mussolini killed

    Mussolini killed
    Communists shot Mussolini with more people in Milan. The image is of the partisan who shot Mussolini to give more context to the readers.