Timeline- Grace, Ava, Jovanna, Evelynn, and Christian

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  • Ava Conflict

    My example of community is my Grandparent's marriage. before they ere married their parents didn't want them together. My Grandmother's parents didn't like my Grandfather because he was Chilean and didn't speak English very well. My Grandfather's Mother didn't like my Grandmother because she wasn't a Chilean woman. Eventually they got to know each other and were nicer. This is important because if this hadn't happened my mother may have gotten the same treatment.
  • September 11, 2001

    conflict - 9/11 was when people attacked
    New York and destroyed the twin towers. Many people watch as this horrible event happened. Today we celebrate it as Patriots' Day.
  • Aruba Vacation

    Aruba Vacation
    Cooperation- In February, I traveled to Aruba with my family and friends to celebrate Carnival. Carnival is a festival that is celebrated before Lent Locals look forward to the catchy tunes, glittery costumes, magnificent floats, and the crowning of the Carnival queen. Being able to experience this colorful celebration and the bright spirits of the local community first hand. Now I understand why Aruba is the happiest island on earth.
  • Evelynn Conflict - Restaurant Etiquette in Japan

    Evelynn Conflict - Restaurant Etiquette in Japan
    Conflict - In June 2017, my parents took me to eat Soba at an authentic Japanese restaurant in Fort Lee. Everyone that worked there spoke Japanese. I've learned that slurping noodles very loud in the restaurant is not considered rude. In Japan, not slurping noodles is considered rude. Meanwhile, in American culture, this could be very rude for other people who are dining there. I find this very peculiar, but to Japan, it is not.
  • Hurricane Maria

    Cooperation - People came together to support and help those affected by hurricane Maria
  • Panama

    Community- In December 25 2018, I went to Panama for Christmas with my family. Upon arriving it was interesting to see so many different races and languages countries. They are very friendly and love to share their culture with foreigners. Unlike the U.S, Panamanians are very relaxed and don’t put much importance for being on time. They love to have a good time with music and dancing. Panamanians culture is so rich, deep, and FUN, it’s a joy to experience.
  • Evelynn Community - Luau

    Evelynn Community - Luau
    Community - During December 2018, my family and I visited the Big Island of Hawaii. One night, we went to a Luau. A Luau is a Hawaiian feast with food and great performances of Hawaiian dancing. The Hawaiian show was amazing and beautiful! We had dinner by the beach right before sunset. Since I’m not a fan of pork, I didn’t like the traditional food as much as my family did. But I am so glad that I got the opportunity to watch their culture in action and to observe their culture.
  • When eating Sushi

    When eating Sushi
    Culture- In September 26, I was eating sushi like i have done many times before. However this time was different. It was brought to my attention that I shouldn’t eat it with a fork. The proper way to use chopsticks. The waiter brought me “learning” chopsticks to practice. This experience had taught me to be more aware of different customs.
  • Ava Cooperation - World Thinking Day 2019

    Ava Cooperation - World Thinking Day 2019
    My example for cooperation is an event called World Thinking Day. World Thinking Day is an event where each girl scout troop picks a country, dresses up in cultural clothing, brings in cultural food for all troops to try and do a dance or a skit for everyone. This year my troop dressed up as India. We did a dance and brought in Indian foods. This event is important for me because I got to learn about India and many other countries too.
  • Ava community - Montclair Art Museum

    My example of community is the Montclair Art Museum. My class went here on a field trip in fourth grade. We learned about Native American art styles and saw amazing artwork. We even got to make artworks of our own. This event is important to me because I got to learn about native american cultural art.
  • Evelynn Cooperation - New York City

    Evelynn Cooperation - New York City
    Cooperation - On July 5, 2019, I went to New York City with my family. I noticed that there were a lot of different cultures that co-existed in this bustling city. For example, there are neighborhoods like China Town, Korean Town, and Little Italy, each place representing drastically different ethnic cultures. New York City is truly a place where many cultures collaborate!
  • Windsor's pediatric cancer fundraiser

    Community - the Windsor school community is working with Hackensack Hospital to raise awareness about pediatric cancer.