Timeline of the radio

Timeline created by AveTheSave
  • first radio

    first radio
    This is the first radio created by Marconi in the December of 1900
    Invention of radio - Wikipedia
  • Radio purpose built factory

    Radio purpose built factory
    This is the first radio factory cretaed by marconi in 1912 History of radio - Wikipedia
  • First am radio

    First am radio
    this is the first am radio created in 1920 it was really bad and had bad reception and would later be upgraded into FM radio. History of radio - Wikipedia
  • first radio news program

    first radio news program
    It was created by Marconi in 1920 and it was the first of its kind and it was in Detroit Michigan
  • First sports radio

    First sports radio
    It was created in 1921 it broad castes baseball and was called the KDKA it was best none for announcing the 1920 presidential election. Then in 1921 the first world series was broad castes and the spread of sports radio. The History Of Sports Broadcasting: An Entertainment Home ...
  • The first car radio

    The first car radio
    THE first car radio was invented in 1922 by chevrolet used to play music and listen to sports
  • First fm radio

    First fm radio
    the first fm radio was created by Edwin Armstrong which broadcasted long distance network through 5 stations in different states
  • The first portable radio

    The first portable radio
    This is the first portable radio created by texas instrumental it was used to play music
  • Phones

    You can do anything on your phone that you can do on your radio that is why I put it as a radio. created in 1992 by Rob getty
  • 21 century radio

    21 century radio
    Present day radios, the ones that connect to your phones and you can play anything you want or connect to sports channels. Anything.