Timeline Project of Pacific Northwest History

Timeline created by NB Speed
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    Timeline Project of Pacific Northwest History

  • James cook

    James cook
    Died feb. 14-1779
    (specifics unkown)
  • George Washington Bush

    George Washington Bush
    one of the first settler of wasington state
  • Lewis and Clark Expedition

    Lewis and Clark Expedition
    to study the area's plants, animal life, and geography, and to discover how the region could be exploited economically. According to Jefferson himself, one goal was to find a "direct & practicable water communication across this continent, for the purposes of commerce with Asia
  • Oregon Trail Started

    Oregon Trail Started
    The Oregon Trail is a 2,000-mile historic east-west wagon route that connected the Missouri River to valleys in Oregon and locations in between
  • Frederick Weyerhaeuser

    Frederick Weyerhaeuser
    Died April 4, 1914
    Created Weyerhaeuser Company
  • Chief Joseph

    Chief Joseph
    Peacemaker for a reservation in Idaho
  • William Boeing

    William Boeing
    founded Beoing Corporation
  • Athur Denny

    Athur Denny
    died jan 9-1899
    Founded Seattle
  • Great Seattle Fire

    Great Seattle Fire
    Burnt down seattle
  • Klondike Gold Rush

    Klondike Gold Rush
    Keish dicovered the gold
  • Grand Coulee Dam

    Grand Coulee Dam
    Construction began
  • Bill Gates

    Bill Gates
    Founded Microsoft and made computers and programs
  • Microsoft

    American public multinational corporation headquartered in Redmond, Washington, USA that develops, manufactures, licenses, and supports a wide range of products and services predominantly related to computing through its various product divisions