Timeline of Events from 1914 to 1918

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  • Canada and Newfoundland Enter First World War

    Canada and Newfoundland Enter First World War
    Canada and Newfoundland both weren't independent countries at the time and were under the Britain Empire. Once war was declared they had no choose but to side with Britain in the war, they couldn't go against a country that ruled them. The war meant both countries could benefit from this by getting money from trade goods, but it would cost people lives that were enlisted in the war as well as seen as a enemy country to any country that was sided with Germany. + 0
  • McBride Purchases Submarines

    McBride Purchases Submarines
    Once war was declared countries started getting people ready to enlist as well as get supplies to benefit their soldiers. A man named McBride purchased two submarines at the cost of one million dollars that would be for the war. Just these two submarines would help with getting resources for the war. It also would help give Canada an advantage with these types of supplies given to their soldiers. +1
  • 1st Canadian Division Arrived To France

    1st Canadian Division Arrived To France
    When war was very close to begin many Canadian soldiers arrived in France ready to prepare for war. Though this would be the first ever war in history Canadian and French soldiers showed their respect for each other and helped each other prepare for the first war in history. With Canadian soldiers arriving in France meant that these two countries could dominate this battle against Germany and their allies.+1
  • Battle of Ypres

    Battle of Ypres
    The Battle of Ypres ended up with the Germans having an Advantage over Canadian soldiers. They released chlorine gas that drifted with the wind towards the Canadian’s side and killed off many soldiers that breathed in the gas. Since this was the first time chlorine gas was brought into war Canadian soldiers weren’t prepared for the attack. This resulted in many Canadian soldiers being wiped out from just the gas. -1
  • Women are able to vote in Manitoba

    Women are able to vote in Manitoba
    Gender roles were very strict during these times, many women weren't treated right if they believed they should be equal to a man. They didn't have any chances to vote until they started a protest. After a year of demanding their right to vote they were finally able to vote. This means that not only men would get to decide who runs for their country but women get to decide as well. This would help everyone be able to pick a fair leader without any being left out because of their gender. +2
  • Anti-German Riot In Calgary

    Anti-German Riot In Calgary
    Anti-German Riot In Calgary: Since the war started many people of German heritage were treated poorly in Canada. Many people believed that they were like their heritage and didn’t want them in Canada. Riots broke out with a message saying they wanted people that were Germans to be clear out and didn’t see them as Canadians anymore. Even though they were Canadians many didn't see them that way. -2
  • Battle of Vimy Ridge

    Battle of Vimy Ridge
    In the battle of Vimy Ridge Canadians were finally able to capture Vimy Ridge. This was a battle to cause three thousand five hundred and seventy eight people to die and left seven thousand injured in the process. Though they many got hurt Canadians were victorious and won the battle. This victory had many people see everything in a new light and have hope in winning the war. +1
  • Halifax Explosion

    Halifax Explosion
    The Halifax explosion was a very tragic event. The Mont Blanc filled with explosives and the Imo ended up colliding into each causing a big explosion to happen. This explosion caused one thousand and six hundred people to die and left nine thousand people injured. This accident left many innocent people homeless and many hurt. -2
  • First Woman MLA in BC

    First Woman MLA in BC
    After almost 2 years of being able to vote there was finally a woman able to take a political position as a member of the legislative assembly of British Columbia. This is a big thing since women weren’t in such a high position only men were. It shows how women can do as good of a job a man does, and it also starts breaking gender stereotypes and shows how independent a woman can be. This is only the start of women showing that they are as equal as men in society.+2
  • Battle of Amiens

    Battle of Amiens
    After 4 long years of fighting the final battle was over. Canadian soldiers were finally able to rest and go back to Canada and be with their families. Six hundred twenty eight thousand five hundred sixty two people served in this war, this also includes the four hundred twenty four thousand five hundred and eighty nine people who were overseas. About sixty thousand six hundred and sixty one people died but they died protecting people and won't be forgotten. The war ended three months later. +2