Ralph Breaks The Internet Timeline

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  • Ralph builds a new track for Vanellope

    Ralph builds a new track for Vanellope
    Vanellope said she wanted something new in her game so Ralph made her a new track.
  • Sugar Rush Gets Unplugged

    Sugar Rush Gets Unplugged
    Vanellope decides to try out the new track that Ralph made her. The gamer was trying to get control and broke the steering wheel. Mr. Litwak tries to fix it but breaks it further. So he decides that it might be time to sell Sugar Rush, then he unplugged it.
  • Ralph gets an idea

    Ralph gets an idea
    Vanellope was having a hard time without her game so she didn't show up at Tappers to see Ralph. While a Tappers Ralph was talking to Felix and he gets the idea to go to the internet specifically Ebay to get the broken piece of sugar Rush, so that Vanellope can have her game back.
  • Ralph and Vanellope in the Internet

    Ralph and Vanellope in the Internet
    Ralph and Vanellope arrive in the internet and go the search bar to find Ebay. On the way they are bombarded with pop-ups. Like "Want to get rich playing video games?"
  • In Ebay

    In Ebay
    Ralph and Vanellope get to Ebay and Start betting way to high. They win the bet but have no way to pay.
  • Back to the Pop-ups

    Back to the Pop-ups
    Ralph and Vanellope go back to the pop-up they saw about getting rich playing video games so that they will have enough money to buy the piece for Sugar Rush.
  • Ralph and Vanellope Steal Shank's Car

    Ralph and Vanellope Steal Shank's Car
    Ralph is the distraction while Vanellope steels Shanks's Car and drives off.
  • Shank's Car

    Shank's Car
    The pop-up also known as JP Spamley introduces them to loot hunting and they find a game called Slaughter Race. All they have to do is get Shanks Car form Slaughter Race and they will have more than enough money to buy the piece for Sugar Rush.
  • The Chase

    The Chase
    Shank and her team chase Ralph and Vanellope to get her car back.
  • Getting Caught

    Getting Caught
    Ralph and Vanellope don't get a chance to escape but Shank says that she wants to help fix Vanellope game.
  • BuzzTube

    Shank tells Ralph and Vanellope to go to BuzzTube to make money to save the game. They make a video and it starts trending, so Ralph decides to make a lot of videos and he becomes viral.
  • OhMyDisney

    Vanellope wants to be a pop-up and promote Ralph videos. She was supposed to go to the Gaming district but now she is in OhMyDisney. Vanellope meets the Disney princesses and explains that she to is a princesses. They all agree to help her
  • Vanellope Sings about her dream

    Vanellope Sings about her dream
    Vanellope realizes that her dream isn't getting the steering wheel and going home, it's being in Slaughter Race and living in the fun of adventure and danger.
  • Ralph's Insecurities

    Ralph's Insecurities
    While waiting for Vanellope after buying the steering wheel at Ebay Ralph hears a conversation that brings out the worst of him. He was very upset that Vanellope was hanging out with Shank, so he started being really insecure and made a very rash plan.
  • Ralph's Plan

    Ralph's Plan
    Ralph ask JP Spamley if he can help him give Slaughter Race a virus so that Vanellope will want to leave and go home. They meet a guy who makes viruses named Double Dan. He gives them an insecurity virus that is supposed to find weaknesses in the game.
  • The Wreck-it Ralph Virus

    The Wreck-it Ralph Virus
    The virus in Slaughter race did not die and it found that Ralph was 100% insecure and started to copy and distribute that insecurity.
  • Time to save the Internet

    Time to save the Internet
    Ralph and a very frustrated Vanellope along with Knowsmore and Yesss come up with a plan to save the internet. They will lead the clones of Ralph to go across a gate that can delete them all at once. Stopping the Wreck-it Ralph Virus.
  • The Growing Wreck-it Ralph Virus

    The Growing Wreck-it Ralph Virus
    Just when Yess, Vanellope, and the original Ralph were close to the anti-virus district the Wreck-it Ralph Virus grew into a giant version of Ralph or Ralphzilla. All the virus wants is Vanellope.
  • Fight Scene

    Fight Scene
    Ralph tells Yesss to take Vanellope to safety and he decides to fight Ralphzilla.
  • Ralph fixed his insecurities!

    Ralph fixed his insecurities!
    Vanellope tells Ralphzilla that he has won, that she will be his best friend forever. She does this so Ralphzilla stops hurting the real Ralph. But Ralph tells himself and Ralphszilla that it's time to let Vanellope go. He fixed his insecurity!
  • Ending

    With Ralphzilla gone nothing is holding Ralph so he falls. But the Disney Princesses have it under control. They catch Ralph using snow whites gown. Yess takes Ralph and Vanellope back to Slaughter Race. Ralph and Vanellope worked it all out and Ralph gave half the necklace that she made to her and kept the other half. They will miss each other but they will always hold a special place in each others hearts.
  • Ralph Plan Gone Wrong

    Ralph Plan Gone Wrong
    Ralph only meant to slow that game so Vanellope would be bored of it but the virus found Vanelopes glitch and the game go crazy so it needs too reboot. If Ralph doesn't get Vanellope out of there she'll die.