travel and tourism 1970-2020

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  • Introduction of the Boeing 747 'jumbo jet'

    The Boeing 747 is a large, long–range wide-body airliner and cargo aircraft manufactured by Boeing Commercial Airplanes in the United States. The first inaugural 747 flight took place from New York to London.
  • The then no.1 UK tour operator went into liquidation

    Clarksons Travel Group was a pioneering package tour operator in the UK during the early 1970s. After much success the company ran into financial difficulties, and in 1974 was taken over by its major supplier of air travel, Court Line. However, after two years, on 15 August 1974, Court Line collapsed, taking down Clarksons with at least £7m owing to 100,000 holidaymakers.
  • Concorde came into service

    Concorde came into service
    Concorde, was the first supersonic passenger carrying commercial aeroplane. The first scheduled flight was on 21st January 1976, British airways firstly flying the fight from London-Bahrain and, the airfrance flying it from Paris to Rio De Janerio. Both airlines Air France and British Airways both added regular flights to Washington DC and New York city in 1977.
    Concorde was flown on charted flights.
    The expense of noise and operating cost later led to financial losses.
  • Concorde came into service

    Concorde came into service
    The Concorde flights would be £2,431 in today's money.
    It was later brought to the peoples attention that Concorde flights wasn't reliable after continuous crashes taking place.The first Concorde crash was on 25th July 2000, the Air France Concorde crashed 60 seconds after take off en route to New York. All 109 people on board died.

    Concorde ceased by Air France & British Airways in 2003.
  • Launch of RyanAir

    Launch of RyanAir
    Ryan air was set up by the Ryan family. They launched their first route in July, with daily flights on a 15 seater. Throughout that year Ryan air took 5000 passengers. In Ryan airs first full year of operation with flights starting at £99 return the company took 82,000 passengers.Ryan air introduced the first jet aircraft in 1988 taking 320,000 passengers that year. During 1989 the company launched a business class service flying, 592,00 passengers that year.
  • Launch of Ryan air

    Launch of Ryan air
    In today's modern era, Ryan air is know as one of the most popular airline for cheap flights within Europe, they've branched out recently, partnering with Air Europa to provide service in the U.S. and South America as well. In July 2017, Ryanair actually became the first European airline to transport more than 12 million passengers in a month.
  • The number of package holidays topped 10 mil for the first time

    During this year there was a huge growth in package holidays, as new technology made reservations easier. Many travel agents started to enter high streets including Thomson, and instasun, which was Thomsons leading competetor run by Harry Goodman who he later went on to set up his own airline which did not survive and went bust in 1991
  • Tim Berners-Lee invented the internet

    In 1989, Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web while working at CERN. He then later wrote the first web client and server in 1990. He has been awarded several awards and, in 2004 he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth, and in 2007 he was awarded the Order of Merit.
  • The Instasun holiday company ceased trading

    Harry Goodman the founder of Instasun sold two-week holidays to Miami Beach for £199 when the air fare alone was usually much more than that. He also created a pan-European low-cost airline, Air Europe, before Ryanair and easyJet became household names. The airline later went bust during 1991.
  • Channel Tunnel opened

    Channel Tunnel opened
    The Channel Tunnel, is one of the biggest engineering projects ever undertaken in the UK. It took 5 years to complete with 13,000 workers, it is now named one of the 7 wonders of the modern world. It's the longest sea tunnel in the world, from being able to check in at St Pancreas, then to arriving at either Paris, Brussels or Amsterdam. You can also drive into a train Euro-tunnel with a 35 minute ride from Folk stone to Calais, which is quicker than a ferry ride across the English Channel.
  • Channel tunnel opened

    Channel tunnel opened
    The channel tunnel is used daily by people from all over the world, for many different reasons. These could range from travelling through the tunnel for work, or travelling through their for a holiday waiting for you on the other side.
    4.5 million tourists use the channel tunnel every year meaning nearly 1300 tourists pass through there everyday.
    1.6 million trucks transport goods between the UK and the continent, making the tunnel worth around 140 billion euros per year to the UK&EU economies.
  • Easy-Jet launches

    In 1995 Easy-Jet launched as a low cost airline in Europe, their founder is Sir Stelios Haji-loannaou. Easy-Jet opened their first headquarters in Luton Airport on October 23rd, and on the same day they took their first ever telephone booking reservation. There original advertising campaign was "Making flying as affordable as a pair of jeans- £29 one way"
  • 9/11

    On September 11, 2001, 19 militants associated with the Islamic extremist group al Qaeda hijacked four airplanes and carried out suicide attacks against targets in the United States. Two of the planes were flown into the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York City, a third plane hit the Pentagon just outside Washington, D.C., and the fourth plane crashed in a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Almost 3,000 people were killed.
  • 9/11

    This tragic event has caused a long term event and damage to not only the people of that country but the tourism industry in the city. The aftermath of this event saw a massive decline in tourism going from 6.8 million in 2000, to 5.7 million in 2001. It took the city almost 5 years to get back to some sort of normality, but since then the tourism rates have risen and hit 13.5 million in 2018.
  • Introduction of Facebook

    Mark Zuckerberg, introduced the social network. This allowed people to share photos of their holidays, there travel destinations and their stories and experience. This enabled people to be more intrigued by the idea of holidays as most of the time the things people would share would be good pictures or reviews.
  • Mamma mia

    The massively popular film, Mamma Mia which featured some of the best movie stars totally took off in 2008. The reason this film had a positive effect on the travel and tourism industry was because it was based and filmed in a Greek island of Skopelos. This island experienced a boom in tourism after this film was made and helped the Greek island recover after the finacial crash.
  • Introduction of Instagram

    In 2010, Instagram founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger unleashed the photo-sharing platform. Since then Instagram has become MASSIVE, with billions of people sharing photos daily on this platform. It allows people to tag where they are when posting pictures of gorgeous holiday destinations. In 2015, a survey found that 48% of users were using Instagram to pick their holiday destination.
  • Icelandic ash cloud

    Icelandic ash cloud
    In 2010 a series, of volcanic eruptions in Eyjafjallajokul, Iceland caused an ash cloud which created havoc on air travel in Europe. The ash cloud lasted a total of 14 months. Most airspace in Europe was closed during this time, the ash cloud caused the largest air traffic shutdown since World- War II
  • Icelandic ash cloud

    Icelandic ash cloud
    The ash cloud caused 107,000 flights being cancelled. as no planes could fly. The ash cloud would damage the aircraft's engines. The closures caused millions of passengers to be stranded not only in Europe, but across the world. With large parts of European airspace closed to air traffic,many more countries were affected as flights to, from, and over Europe were cancelled.
  • Game of thrones

    The series' debut in 2011 has inspired many tourists to travel to the shows locations. For example Dubrovnik in Croatia, has seen a huge rise in popularity since the show, and also certain locations seen in the show in northern Ireland, Iceland and Spain.
  • Growth of tripadvisor

    Since TripAdvisor had been founded in 2010, it grew hugely in 2015. The I phone app and website took off and become more popular as more people discovered it. By 2015 TripAdvisor had 320 million reviews on the site and more people were using it. The website now has a huge headquarters worth $120 million.
  • Brexit

    As the decade ends Brexit will almost be fully in swing, and its effects will still be very unknown. After the UK'S decision to leave the EU in 2018 they saw visitor numbers drop by 5.3%. Since Brexit has been in conversation it has been very unknown of the impact it will have. One of the first changes that was made was Blue Passports since march 2020.
  • Brexit

    The transition period ends on January 1st 2021. Even if there is or isn't a deal there will still be many differences. These being, People planning to move between the UK and EU to live, work, or retire will no longer be automatically allowed to do so, trips to Europe will need more planning as you may need to check your passport is valid, as well as your health insurance and driving licence.
    This list is continued on the link above.
  • Growth of weekend getaways

    Since 2018 there has been a change in the length of holidays, in 2010 the average length people would go on holiday for would be 11 days and since 2018 it has dropped to 7 days. This is because things such as city breaks and weekend getaways have became more popular. In 2018 poland seen 526,000 tourists, a huge increase since 1996 which that year they only seen 30,000 tourists.
  • 2020 and beyond

    The year 2020 has left the travel industry in a rupt with a certainty of the unknowing. 2020 has been the year of a global pandemic with near enough no travel throughout 80% of the year, millions of pounds have been lost in every sector of travel and tourism. Many airlines did not know if they would survive 2020 and still do not know what 20201 will bring for them.