Trpkosh robbery timeline

Timeline created by emittauer
  • Mrs. Trpkosh is robbed

    Mrs. Trpkosh is robbed
    The robbery occurred at about 3:35 Friday afternoon.
  • Mrs. Trpkosh provides account

    Mrs. Trpkosh provides account
    She claims the robber was about 5'8'' to 5' 11''. Her purse was taken.
  • Rydstrom provides account

    Rydstrom provides account
    Mr. Rydstrom claims he was at the bank at the time of the robbing, but knows Mr. Rickertson was at the school.
  • Ms. Bennett proides account

    Ms. Bennett claims Mr. Rickertson, Devore, and Rydstrom (maybe) were at the school at the time of the robbery. She also says the robber ran into a silver SUV.
  • Trpkosh provides account

    Trpkosh provides account
    Mrs. Trpkosh claims that Mr. Hynek and Mr. Devore were at the school at the time of the robbery. Mrs. Trpkosh said that a lanyard, proof of insurance, money had been taken. When asked who owned a silver SUV, she replied that Rickertsen owned one.
  • Mr Rickersen provides account

    Mr. Rickertsen says he was at the school at the time of the robbery. Upon later questioning, he reveals that he has black shoes and a black sweatshirt in his room.
  • Possible Suspect

    At this time, the most likely suspect is Mr. Rickertsen. He was the only person at the school who was at the school at the time of the robbery besides Mrs. Trpkosh and Ms. Bennet, who both are discounted. Also, multiple witnesses saw the robber fleeing to a silver SUV. Mr. Rickertsen admitted to owning a silver Honda Pilot, which is an SUV. Finally, Mr. Rickertsen admitted to having a black sweatshirt and black tennis shoes in his room, which match the outfit of the robber.
  • Robbery Solved

    Robbery Solved
    With a suspect in mind, our group got a search warrant and searched Mr. Rickertsen's room. In his desk drawer we found a half finished lanyard bracelet matching the one described by Mrs. Trpkosh. Also, we found a reciept belonging to Mrs. Trpkosh, which had been described as being stolen.