U.S. History 1600 - 1700 C.E.

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  • Jamestown Virginia Founded

    Jamestown Virginia Founded
    104 English Men arrived in America and selected Jamestown as the first permanent settlement in North America.
  • King James Bible Printed

    The King James Bible was first printed in England and made its way to the Colonies by way of settlers. The issuance of the KJV Bible was one of many reasons Pilgrims were inspired to vacate England and journey to the Americas.
  • First Slaves Arrive in Colonies

    "20 and odd" slaves arrived in Point Comfort, Virginia. This was the start of the Atlantic Slave Trade in English Colonies.
  • General Assembly Founded

    The First Representative Assembly in Colonial America.
  • Plymouth Colony Founded

    Plymouth Colony Founded
    Pilgrims fled England aboard the Mayflower and landed at Plymouth Rock. Plymouth, Massachusetts was the first Permanent Colony in New England and lead to the establishment the Mayflower Compact and peaceful relationships with the Natives in the area.
  • New York City Established

    The English seized control of New Amsterdam, renaming it New York.
  • Bay Psalm Book Printed

    This was the first book printed in the Colonies. Prior to now, all text in Colonial America had been printed in Europe and brought to the Americas by journeying Settlers.
  • Period: to

    The Glorious Revolution

    King James II and VII were overthrown and the thrown was vacated to his daughter, Queen Mary II.
  • Toleration Act

    An act of English Parliament permitting religious freedoms to several Christian sects.
  • Salem Witch Trials

    Salem Witch Trials
    For over a year, settlers of Salem, MA held "witch trials".
    An estimated 200 were accused - 19 of whom were hung for being found guilty of being witches.