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  • Aug 3, 1492

    Columbus' 1st voyage

    On 7 October 1492 as recorded in the ship's log the crew spotted shore birds flying west and changed direction to make their landfall.
  • Jamestown was settled

    Half of the Jamestown settlers were artisans, craftsmen, soldiers, and laborers, including a tailor, a barber, and two surgeons among them. The other half were "gentlemen," men of wealth who did not have a profession.
  • The French and Indian war ended

    The French and Indian War pitted the colonies of British America against those of New France
  • Boston Massacre

    The presence of British troops in the city of Boston was increasingly unwelcome. The riot began when about 50 citizens attacked a British sentinel. A British officer, Captain Thomas Preston, called in additional soldiers, and these too were attacked, so the soldiers fired into the mob, killing 3 on the spot (a black sailor named Crispus Attucks, ropemaker Samuel Gray, and a mariner named James Caldwell), and wounding 8 others, two of whom died later.
  • Battles of Lexington and Concord

    April 18, 1775, hundreds of British troops marched from Boston to nearby Concord in order to seize an arms cache.
  • The Declaration of Independence was created

    Independence was formally declared on July 2, 1776, a date that John Adams believed would be “the most memorable epocha in the history of America.”
  • The Declaration of Independence was signed

    independence was formally declared July 2nd, on July 4th congress aprovedthe final text the declaration.
  • The battle of Yorktown

    After three weeks of non-stop bombardment, both day and night, from cannon and artillery, Cornwallis surrendered to Washington in the field at Yorktown.
  • President Washingtons inauguration

    president Washington stopped being President March 4th 1797
  • The invention of the cotton gin

    Eli Whitney was the creator of the cotton gin.
  • The buying of the Louisiana Purchase

    the Louisiana Purchase was a land deal between the United states and France.
  • Lewis and Clark started their expedition

    Thomas Jefferson asked Lewis and Clark to explore west of the Mississippi river.
  • The battle of Fort McHenry

    Fort McHenry is an American costal pentagonal bastion fort located in the locust Point neighborhood of Baltimore
  • The Battle of Alamo

    The Battle of Alamo was a 13 day siege at a mission in San Antonio.
  • The 13th amendment

    The 13th amendment formally abolished slavery.
  • President Lincoln was assassinated

    President Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth, a famous actor.