U.S. wars

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  • French and Indian war

    French and Indian war
    The French and Indian war, or also known as the seven year war, was between Britain and France. This New World conflict marked another chapter in the long imperial struggle between Britain and France. When France’s expansion into the Ohio River valley brought multiple conflicts of the British colonies, a series of battles led to the official British declaration of war in 1756.
  • Revolutionary war

    Revolutionary war
    The Revolutionary war, or the American revolution was a war between the Colonists and the British. The war started in 1775 and ended in 1783, this was the american colonists first war and played a major role in the development of this country. For more than a decade before the Revolutionary war, the american colonists and the British had major tension between each other, ultimately leading to the American revolution.
  • War of 1812

    War of 1812
    In the war of 1812 the United States took on Great Britain, in a conflict that would have a large impact on the young country’s future. Great Britain did not want the new country expanding its territory, to become more powerful. So they used all the power that they could get, and at one point the nation's capital was captured and burnt.
  • Civil war

    Civil war
    The US Civil war was a war between the north and the south, or the Union and Confederate. For a long time America had slaves, but when Abraham Lincoln was elected in 1860, he knew that he needed to do something about it. So the US split into two groups and raged a war that split friends and families apart. This ended with the “Confederate surrender” and slavery was abolished in the United States.
  • World war 1

    World war 1
    World War 1, also known as the great war, began in 1914 after the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria. His murder transferred into a war across Europe, this all ended in 1918 with the defeat of central powers.
  • World war 2

    World war 2
    World war 2, the largest war to date started in 1935 when Germany was rising to power.
    Adolf Hitler, the leader of the Nazi party rearmed the nation and signed strategic treaties with Italy and Japan to further his ambitions of world domination. The invasion of Poland in September 1939 drove Great Britain and France to declare war on Germany. Over the next six years, the conflict destroyed more land than any other war, and over 45 million people were killed in that time span.
  • Cold war

    Cold war
    During World war 2, the Soviet Union and the United States fought together as allies. However the relationship between the two nations was tense, Americans Had long been concerned about Joseph Stalin and the Soviet communism. The Cold War reached its peak in 1948–53, when Soviets unsuccessfully blockaded the Western-held sectors of West Berlin, and by 1991, the Soviet Union itself had fallen apart. The Cold War was over.
  • Korean war

    Korean war
    The Korean war started in 1950 when 75,000 soldiers from the north Korean army Army poured across the 38th parallel, the boundary between the Soviet-backed Democratic People’s Republic of Korea to the north and the pro-Western Republic of Korea to the south. Five million soldiers and civilians lost their lives in the Korean war.
  • Vietnam war

    Vietnam war
    The Vietnam war was a long and costly conflict between North and South Korea. The United States sided with South Korea and was also currently in the middle of the cold war with the Soviet Union, which intensified the entire Vietnam war. Everything ended when Communist forces captured South Korea, with over 3 million dead, president Richard Nixon pulled out american troops in 1973.
  • Gulf war

    Gulf war
    Iraqi president Saddam Hussein ordered the invasion of neighboring Kuwait in August of 1990, other Arab powers such as Saudi Arabia and Egypt were called on the United States and other western nations to intervene. The Persian gulf war started when a massive US lead air offensive known as Operation Desert Storm. After 42 days of attacks by the allied coalition on the ground and in the air, President George H.W. Bush declared a cease-fire on February 28.
  • War in Afghanistan

    War in Afghanistan
    On September 11 2001, attacks in America killed nearly 3,000 people. Osama Bin Laden, the head of Islamist terror group al-Qaeda, was soon identified as the main cause of the attack. So the US launched air strikes against Afghanistan. other countries joined the war, and the Taliban were quickly removed from power. But they didn't disappear, their influence grew back. Since then, the US and its allies have struggled to stop Afghanistan's government collapsing.