Timeline created by shoma
  • Birth: Evelyn Cordelia Lehman

  • Birth: Stanton Compton

  • Birth: Dianne Compton

  • Birth: Austen Bishop

  • Birth: Stirling Capers

  • Birth: Annalise Charlotte Edinboro

    To Evelyn Edinboro (27) and Arthur Edinboro
  • Birth: Crispin Wyatt Slattery

  • Birth: Damien David Verona

    To Matthew and Melanie Verona
  • Birth: Bradley Owen Charmaine

    To James and Dorothy Charmaine
  • Birth: Samson David Compton

    To Stanton (22) and Dianne Compton (20)
  • Birth: Sunday Jade Verona

    To Matthew and Melanie Verona
  • Birth: Gideon Charles Carrington Sr.

    To Andrew and Samantha Carrington
  • Birth: Luna Compton

    To Stanton (23) and Dianne Compton (21)
  • Birth: Ellara Favreau

  • Birth: Owen Charmaine Sr.

    To James and Dorothy Charmaine
  • Birth: John Paul Compton

    To Stanton (24) and Dianne Compton (22)
  • Birth: Vienna Fitzgerald

  • Birth: Silas Compton Sr.

    To Stanton (25) and Dianne Compton (23)
  • Birth: Stanley Compton

    To Stanton (27) and Dianne Compton (25)
  • Birth: Maddox Lincoln Kayson

    To Simon and Katie Kayson. Upon his mother’s marriage to Thomas Bardem, Maddox is adopted by Thomas and takes the Bardem name.
  • Birth: Bluebell Washington

  • Birth: Leonidas Carlo

  • Divorce: Simon and Katie Kayson

  • Birth: Spencer Bennett Carrington

    To Andrew and Samantha Carrington
  • Marriage: Thomas Bardem and Katie Kayson

  • Birth: Tala

  • Thomas Bardem adopts his step-son, Maddox

    Maddox's surname is legally changed to Bardem.
  • Death: Katie Bardem

  • Birth: Rhodes Jackman

  • Marriage: Thomas Bardem and Adrienne Collins

    Adrienne Collins becomes Adrienne Bardem.
  • Birth: Drew Carter Bardem

    To Thomas and Adrienne Bardem
  • Birth: Jackman Prescott

  • Birth: Colin Adrian Emerson

  • Birth: Kent Ryan Bierfeldt

  • Birth: Wesley Castellano

  • Birth: Alayn Matthew Capers

    To Stirling (30) and Annalise Capers (28).
  • Birth: Ian James McClane

  • Marriage: Owen Charmaine and Sienne

    Owen is 20, Sienne is 19. Sienne takes the Charmaine name.
  • Birth: Vivek Tariq Raichand

    To Vijay and Sanjana Raichand
  • First Meeting: Gideon Sr. and Ellara

    Ellara is 20, Gideon is 21.
  • Birth: Duke Marshall Verona

    To Damien (28) and Luna Verona (22)
  • Birth: Camden Alexander Charmaine

    To Bradley (28) and Gwen Charmaine.
  • Birth: Garnet Avery Vidal

  • Birth: Seamus John Cavanaugh

  • Break Up: Gideon Sr. and Ellara

    Gideon is forced into a corner by his parents to marry in his social class. Gideon is 24, Ellara is 23.
  • Marriage: Gideon Carrington Sr. and Jennifer

    Gideon is 24.
  • Birth: Andreas

  • Birth: Krishna Rajib Raichand

    To Vijay and Sanjana Raichand
  • First Meeting: Ellara and Jack

    On the Long Island Railroad where the train lurches as Ellara is walking by and she falls into his lap. She apologizes and he says, “That was the best thing that could’ve happened to me today- and my best friend is getting married.” It turns out they are both headed for the same wedding. Ellara is 24, Jack is 25.
  • Birth: Letha Pryce

  • Birth: Allegra Bellrose

  • Birth: Mickey Duval Blackburn

  • Birth: Wren

  • Birth: Rhett Ryan Roux

  • Birth: Major James Lowell

  • Relationship: Ellara and Jack

    After two years of friendship, Ellara is finally able to overcome her feelings and grief for Gideon and she initiates a relationship with Jack. Ellara is 26, Jack is 27.
  • Birth: Brant Barclays

  • Birth: Teddy Parker Hillock

  • Birth: Thatcher Richard Charmaine

    To Bradley (33) and Gwen Charmaine (23)
  • Marriage: Jack Leon and Ellara Favreau

    Jack is 28, Ellara is 27. Ellara takes the Leon name.
  • Birth: Gideon Carrington Jr.

    To Gideo Garrington Sr. (28) and Jennifer Carrington.
  • Birth: Misha Karaiskos

    To Alexei Karaiskos (20) and June Collins (19)
  • Birth: Jack Leon Jr.

    To Jack Leon Sr. and Ellara Leon
  • Birth: Rafferty Yoo

  • Birth: Yara Arruda

  • Birth: Tristan

  • Birth: Randall Janzen

  • Birth: Judah Devreaux

  • Birth: Rhea and Lorelai Leon

    To Ellara and Jack Leon
  • Birth: Maverick Jullian Hendrix

    To Darius Hendrix and Ada Koch
  • Birth: Aditya Mehra

  • Death: Gwen Charmaine

    COD: Suicide
    Age: 26
  • Maddox and Leonidas officially befriend one another

    Leo is a bartender at Rover’s and Maddox becomes a regular patron. Maddox is 22, Leo is 21.
  • First Meeting: Spencer and Tala

    Spencer visits home for the first time in a while and Tala is Gideon Jr’s nanny. Spencer is 21, Tala is 20.
  • Birth: Jericho Compton

    To Stanton (54) and Dianne Compton (52)
  • Birth: Kasper Drew Padilla

  • Birth: Jude Álvarez

  • Marriage: Leonidas and Collette Carlo

    Leo is 23.
  • Birth: Lucian and Kora Carlo

    Fraternal twins to Leonidas (24) and Collette Carlo
  • Birth: Harpan and Suriya Raichand

    To Vijay and Sanjana Raichand
  • Tala is fired

    Jennifer fires Tala without Gideon Sr. or Spencer’s knowledge. Tala is 24.
  • Birth: Veniamin Ivanov

  • Birth: Abel Solomon McKinnon

  • Birth: Eliseo Rojas

  • Marriage: Drew and Maureen Bardem

    Drew is 21, Maureen is 20
  • Spencer begins searching for Tala

    Spencer is furious with his brother when he returns home to find out Tala has been fired. He takes off and works tirelessly to track her down. Spencer is 26.
  • Birth: Owen Bradley Charmaine Jr. & Wendy Fate Charmaine

    To Owen Sr. (37) and Sienne Charmaine (36)
  • Birth: Clea Taylor

  • Birth: Aditya Jai Iyer

  • Spencer finds Tala

    Spencer and Tala reconnect when he tracks her down and admits to her how much he loves her- how much he’s loved her all these years. Spencer is 30, Tala is 29.
  • Birth: Holden O'Brien

  • Birth: Ettore Nemet

  • Birth: Price Taylor

  • Birth: Zane Novak

  • Birth: Dusk Bardem

    To Drew (28) and Maureen Bardem (27)
  • Birth: Shane Waylin

  • Birth: Darby Youens

  • Relationship: Ian and Andreas

    Ian is 25, Andreas is 20.
  • Birth: Anselm Koch

  • Birth: Walker Kelley

    To Wayne and Lisa Kelley
  • Death: Collette Carlo

    COD: Breast Cancer.
    Leo is 35, Lucian and Kora are 11.
  • Birth: Charlie Carrington

    To Spencer (36) and Tala Carrington (35)
  • Born: Garen Josef Eckhart

    To Hans and Elise Eckhart
  • Marriage: Ian McClane and Andreas

    Ian is 27, Andreas is 22. Andreas takes the McClane name.
  • Birth: Dane McIntire

  • Birth: Marigold Bardem

    To Drew (32) and Maureen Bardem (31)
  • Death: Silas Compton

    COD: Car accident in snowstorm
    Age: 45
  • First Meeting: John Paul and Allegra

    John Paul is 46, Allegra is 22.
  • Birth: Jack Leon III

    To Jack Leon Jr (18) and
  • Relationship: Teddy and Crispin

    Teddy is 20, Crispin is 55.
  • Birth: Robin Novak

  • Relationship: John Paul and Allegra

    John Paul is 46, Allegra is 22
  • Birth: Sparrow McClane

    To Andreas McClane (24) and Ian McClane (29) through a surrogate.
  • Birth: Duncan Stuckman

  • Birth: Avery Montrose

  • Marriage: John Paul Compton and Allegra Bellrose

    John Paul is 48, Allegra is 24. Allegra takes the Compton name.
  • Birth: Orson Baxter

  • Birth: Levett Kelley

    To Wayne and Lisa Kelley
  • Birth: Lucas Verona

    To Duke Verona (28) and Arianna Verona.
  • Birth: Jett Himura

  • Birth: Jean Marianne Marvakis

  • First Meeting: Maddox and Tristan

    Maddox is 42, Tristan is 21.
  • Birth: Ryan Compton

    To John Paul (50) and Allegra Compton (26).
  • Andreas is in a fatal car accident

    Injuring him severely and giving him PTSD. Andreas is 27.
  • Divorce: Duke and Arianna

    Duke is 29.
  • Break Up: Ian and Andreas

    After an accident where Andreas loses his temper and gives Sparrow minor injuries, Ian separates from Andreas. Ian is 33, Andreas is 28, Sparrow is 4.
  • Birth: Anatoly Ivanov

  • First Meeting: Duke and Ian

    Duke and Ian meet at a coffee shop by the firehouse. They're similar men with similar personalities and similar interests and hit it off as friends. They begin sleeping together casually shortly after. Ian is 33, Duke is 30.
  • Birth: Soren Leon

    To Jack Leon Jr and
  • Birth: Paul Maxwell Compton

    To John Paul (51) and Allegra Compton (27)
  • Birth: Iris Leon

    To Rhea and Addison Leon via surrogate
  • First Meeting: Camden and Naomi

    He is a narcotics detective and she is a junkie. Camden is 30, Naomi is 22.
  • Break Up: Maddox and Tristan

    After three years of an on and off, up and down relationship, Maddox leaves Tristan. Maddox is 45, Tristan is 24.
  • Break Up: Maverick and Jericho

    Jericho confronts Maverick about their future and leaves for a trip around the states ending in Canada. Jericho is 22, Maverick is 24.
  • First Meeting: Krish and Duke

    Duke saves Krish from a house fire. Grateful, Krish visits Duke at the firehouse a few days later and the officially meet. Duke is 31, Krish is 29.
  • Thatch&Kas begin sleeping together

    Thatcher is 27, Kasper is 23.
  • First Meeting/Relationship: Jericho and Rhett

    Jericho is 22, Rhett is 27.
  • First Meeting: Maddox and Hayes

    Maddox and Hayes hit it off during a night at Rover’s and begin a casual, open relationship. They find comfort, fun and peace in each other.
  • Relationship: Krish and Duke

    Krish finally gives in to his feelings for Duke but they date in secrecy for the sake of Krish's career and public image. Duke is 32, Krish is 30.
  • Relationship: Maddox and Leonidas

    After decades of friendship, Maddox tells Leo, "It's been you all along." Leo tells him, “I know,” and kisses him. Following this event, Maddox and Hayes end their romantic relationship but remain friends. Maddox is 45, Leo is 44.
  • Birth: Iliana Erin Charmaine

    Birth Name: Erin Courier. Changed upon adoption.
  • Krish comes out

    via his Oscar acceptance speech. Krish is 31.
  • First Meeting: Tristan and Wesley

    Wesley starts attending the gym where Tristan works the front desk. Wesley is 39, Tristan is 26
  • Birth: James Compton

    To John Paul (54) and Allegra Compton (30)
  • Birth: Emrys Verona-Raichand

    Birth Name: Emrys Jadzia. Surname changed upon adoption.
  • Birth: Hazel Leon

    To Rhea and Addison Leon via surrogate
  • Thatcher and Kasper move to Spain

    Thatcher is 29, Kasper is 25.
  • First Meeting: Ian and Delilah

    When Sparrow gets lost in the mall and Delilah helps her back to her father. Ian is 37, Delilah is
  • First Meeting: Seamus and Veniamin

    During rehearsals for their Broadway show to debut in 2 months. Seamus is 34, Veniamin is 22.
  • Relationship: Seamus and Veniamin

    10 days prior to their show premiering on Broadway after Seamus publicly makes Veni his New Years kiss at a cast party. Seamus is 35, Veniamin is 22.
  • Relationship: Alayn and Gideon

    Alayn is 40, Gideon is 30.
  • Birth: Keller Eckhart

    To Hans and Elise Eckhart
  • Marriage: Jericho Compton and Rhett Roux

    Jericho is 26, Rhett is 31.
  • Death: Jack Leon

    Age: 58
  • Birth: Theodore Lucas McKinnon

    To Abel (23) and Dahlia McKinnon (23)
  • Break Up: Seamus and Veniamin

    Their careers will lead them separate ways after their musical run ends so Seamus initiates a break up. Seamus is 36, Veniamin is 23
  • Krish Raichand legally adopts Lucas Verona

    Lucas changes his surname to Verona-Raichand. Krish is 34, Lucas is 8.
  • Birth: Callum Attwater

  • Thatcher and Kasper Charmaine adopt Iliana

    Thatcher is 32, Kasper is 28, Iliana is 4. Born Erin Courier, her name is changed to Iliana Erin Charmaine upon adoption.
  • Divorce: Drew and Maureen

    Drew is 45, Maureen is 44.
  • Birth: Silas Compton Jr.

    To John Paul (58) and Allegra Compton (34)
  • Birth: Sylvain Compton-Roux

    To Rhett Roux (33) and (a surrogate) Jericho Compton (28).
  • Duke and Krish adopt Emrys

    Duke is 37, Krish is 35, Emrys is 4. Emrys's last name is changed to Verona-Raichand.
  • Birth: Raleigh Leon

    To Rhea and Addison Leon via surrogate
  • Birth: Oriol Charmaine

  • Maverick comes out

    And is subsequently dropped from Minnesota Wild
  • Seamus and Veniamin get back together

  • Birth: Gwen Talia Charmaine

    To Camden Charmaine and Naomi Fox. Named after Camden’s mother.
  • Born: Dario Fuentes

  • Wren and Jude visit Krish and Duke

    In an effort to show Jude what a functional relationship in Hollywood looks like. Wren is 34, Jude is 29.
  • Thatch&Kas adopt Oriol

  • Marriage: Krish and Duke

    Location: Capers Vineyard
    Flower girl: 6yr old Emrys Verona-Raichand
    Duke is 39, Krish is 37, Luc is 11.
  • Born: Esteé Compton-Roux

  • Born: Robin McClane

  • Birth: Darcy Taylor

  • Proposal: Alayn -> Gideon

    After a lovely day together and a late night walk in Central Park reminiscing about their relationship, Alayn waits for Gideon to look out the glass elevator of their apartment and kneels behind him to propose. Alayn is 45, Gideon is 35.
  • Marriage: Alayn and Gideon

    Location: Capers Family Vineyard
  • Reconciliation: Drew and Maureen Bardem

    After a long night of talking and listening to their old records, Drew and Maureen kiss.
  • Spencer reconciles Gideon and Ellara

  • Death: Crispin Slattery

    COD: Respiratory failure
  • Born: Heath Blitzer

  • Born: Roman Santos

  • Relationship: Lucian and Marigold

    Goldie asks Lucian on a late night walk and asks to go forward in the newest stage of her life with him. It’s the day before Goldie’s birthday and a road trip to Montreal to celebrate. Lucian is 32 and Goldie is 18.
  • Teddy&Garnet begin dating

  • Born: Michael Keaton

    Formerly Blitzer. Surname changed upon adoption.
  • Duke and Krish find and care for Orson

    Like he was their own son, partially because he's Lucas' age.
  • Eliseo Rojas is killed in action

    The same detonation takes Ettie's leg and puts him out of service.
  • Anatoly comes to the states

    To live with Seamus and Veni
  • Born: Jax Marton Novak

  • Jean and Luc start dating

  • Darby and Duncan begin sleeping together

  • Callum wins his first Olympic gold medal

    At the age of 21
  • Engagement: Lucian and Goldie

    Lucian brings Goldie up a mountain hike and proposes to her at the summit with a ring that has the world map engraved on it. She says yes. Lucian is 36, Goldie is 23.
  • Born: Ovey Neilson

  • Marriage: Lucian and Marigold

  • Anatoly and Lara meet

    At a party, run away from the party and have sex for the first time by the Hollywood sign.
  • First Meeting: Dusk and Iver

    Dusk and Iver get trapped in the elevator together one morning as they’re both heading to work. Iver lives on the fifth floor with his cat, Pascal and Dusk lives alone on the fourth floor. Iver is 30 and Dusk is 28.
  • Jett and Ettie meet

    They have their first night together after meeting at a bar.
  • Anselm and Garen meet

    Hook up for the first time
  • Orson and Levett meet

    during fight club
  • Aditya and Price meet

    At one of Price’s shows and go out together after Price’s shift.
  • Orson injures Levett badly during a fight

    Levett's recovery is slow and he's angry. His parents keep him cooped up and he and Orson don't see each other for a month.
  • Orson and Levett reconcile

    And slowly start forming somewhat of a normal relationship
  • Luc gets brain tumor removed

  • Levett and Orson decide to move away together

    They move internationally and Levett cuts ties with his family.
  • Devon and Clea meet

  • Birth: Aslan Dawn Bardem-Carlo

    To Marigold Bardem (26) and Lucian Carlo (39)
  • Garen and Anselm get back together

  • Born: Oleander Neilson

  • Darby Hooks Up With Lloyd

    Darby shows up at Lloyd's doorstep with booze asking to go to the beach. They have a good drunken time at the beach. On the drive home Darby kisses Lloyd and breaks canon.
  • Darby and Duncan break up

    Darby leaves Duncan for Lloyd but doesn't tell him that.
  • Keller and Garen reuinte

    Keller sits in at the back of Garen's German class.
  • Jean and Luc get married

  • Born: Neilson sister

  • Devon proposes to Clea

    In the ER. She says yes.
  • Abel files for divorce from Dahlia

  • Abel and Clea reconcile

    Clea calls off her engagement with Devon
  • Birth: Darby Verona-Raichand

  • Death: Darby Youens

    COD: Respiratory failure
  • Death: Stirling Capers

  • Birth: Lucky Verona-Raichand

  • Birth: Frankie Ackerly

  • Death: Bradley Charmaine

  • Paul and Mac meet during a camping trip

    With Al, Diana and one other girl friend. The Camping Crew is formed.
  • Mac visits Paul at his shop for a free check up

    They hang out afterwards. Their hang outs become more regular and weekly to bi-weekly after that.
  • The Camping Crew goes on their second camping trip

  • Heath and Michael are adopted by the Keaton family

    Michael is 17 and Heath is 19
  • The Camping Crew roadtrips to Mexico

    Paul gets into a bar fight and confides in Mac that he and The Girl broke up
  • Paul brings Mac on a haul to Canada

  • Mac brings Paul on a family camping trip

    Paul needs Ralph and the rest of the family for the first time.
  • Paul’s bike breaks down

    On the way home from a Camping Crew trip. He has to ride on the back of Mac’s bike and he rides for a while too with Mac behind him. It’s intimate and eye opening for them both.
  • Mac confronts Paul about them

  • The Camping Crew takes a trip

    And Paul finally cuts the weirdness between himself and Mac a little to embrace the intimacy between them.
  • Death: Annalise Capers

  • Duncan and Heath meet

    When Heath brings his siblings to the diner
  • Roman and Oriol meet

  • Death: Damien Verona

  • Death: Samson Compton

  • Ovey guest lectures in Lucky's class

    The have lunch afterward and Lucky goes home with Ovey.
  • Period: to

    Bradley and Gwen Charmaine are married

  • Period: to

    Crispin&Silas' relationship

  • Period: to

    Drew&Maureen's marriage

  • Period: to

    Teddy&Thatch date

  • Period: to

    Ian and Andreas' marriage

  • Period: to

    Gideon&Colin's relationship

  • Period: to

    Jericho&Maverick "date"

  • Period: to

    Ian and Duke are friends with benefits

    Their relationship is casual, friendly and when Krish and Duke hit it off, Ian and Duke stay good friends.
  • Period: to

    Crispin&Teddy's relationship

  • Period: to

    Ettie and Eliseo are together

  • Period: to

    Duncan and Darby are together

  • Period: to

    Garen and Anselm "date"

    The first time