Unbelievably Boring Bart Timeline

Timeline created by ssmile_z
  • Bart moves to another town

    Bart moves to another town
    At this point, Bart and his dad moved to another state for Bart to go to another school and his dad being a coach. They moved here because Bart's dad thought Rancho Verdugo, California was a good place
  • Bart meets his bullies

    Bart meets his bullies
    At this point, Bart runs in to 3 bullies, Golem, Nick The Mimic and Tigran The Tyrant. Golem is a girl who bumps into Bart and pretends he isn't there. She purposely targets Bart like a "boring seeking missile." Nick the Mimic does what his name says. Nick is just a typical bully you can see in movies or books.Tigran The Tyrant "borrows" people's stuff and doesn't give it back.
  • Bart finally finds a friend

    Bart was working on his secret project that was a game and met this girl online. They were talking for a enough that you can infer that they were friends. Bart lets her know about the secret game that Bart was coding.
  • Bart's only friend releases the project that wasn't supposed to be out

    Bart's only friend releases the project that wasn't supposed to be out
    Bart gives a copy to his friend and his friend put it out to the whole world. People do not know the publisher but the game got popular really quick
  • Bart's popularity rises

    Bart wasn't popular until events started happening for his secret project. Bart went to an event for his game. His game is about aliens where you look through your phone's camera and you can see aliens, your goal is to get rid of them. It's like Snapchat filters and Pokémon rolled into one but the design and the goal is different. Back to the main part, Bart goes to the event and Nick The Mimic was there too. Nick nominates Bart to go. He went and used his cheat code at the event.
  • Bart's bullies tries to be his friend

    Bart's bullies tries to be his friend
    Nobody knows that Bart is the game creator, but everyone knows he's the one that wiped out all the aliens for an hour. Bart's bullies were trying to be his friend because of what he did. Golem actually spoke to Bart for once, Nick was really nice to Bart and Tigran gives something back for once. Note that Tigran never gives stuff back to anyone.
  • Bart's dad's restrictions

    Bart's dad had some rules on video games like not go on there for too long. This is something Bart didn't like. At the start of the book he didn't want Bart to play video games. At the end, Bart finally convinces his dad to play video games and let Bart play for longer. This isn't important to the reader but it's important for Bart so I put this here