Underwater Hockey

Timeline created by beccabonini
  • Deciding What Sport to Bring to America

    After researching various sports Under water Hockey stood out because it was already established in America it just did not become popular yet.
  • Meeting with United Kingdom Under water Hockey Sports Organization

    Met with and observed Under water Hockey culture in its origin country the United Kingdom to get a taste of what it is all about. Also was important to watch it as a spectator to determine if other people would enjoy watching it themselves.
  • First Meeting with American Investors

    Sat down and explained to the investors how this would benefit them. We pointed out how America already has a team, venues and some sponsorships but there is a tremendous ability for growth in marketing and branding the sport.
  • Follow Up Meeting with Interested Investors

    Narrowed down the group of the investors. At this meeting monetary figures were discussed on the willingness of the amount that each investor was willing to give.
  • Meeting (2) with United Kingdom Under water Hockey Sports Organization

    Explain and bring them up to date about the interest of American investors. Also will be used to go over marketing tactics and plans to make sure we are sticking to the sports culture and not making anyone offended or upset.
  • First Meeting with Marketing Team

    We discuss strategies about how to spread the word about this new sport
  • Introduction of Marketing Team to Board of Directors & The Women's National Teams Coaching Staff

    Allow everyone to meet face to face to see all the parts working together to make this happen. Our goal is to have buzz about the team and sport for the summer time when the World Championship is being held.
  • Second Meeting with Marketing Team

    From brainstorming we decide to promote one of the star players on the National team as the face of the sport. We will have photo shoots and get her to be brand ambassadors to sport related apparel. We will also reach out to the youth leagues and establish a family friendly commercial that shows a family going to their child under water hockey match on the weekend
  • Meeting with Apparel Companies

    The sport has very little merchandise. We want to amp that up. We take bids from various apparel companies to see what they can do for us and use these clothes and other supplies as a marketing tool as well.
  • Meet with Graphic Designers

    The sport does not have a logo. We need to create a logo that everyone will identify with the sport and that we can use on the apparel.
  • Work to Get Live Interviews with our Star Players

    We want her to sit down and discuss how the team is getting ready for the big championship coming up. We will place her at sporting events in the crowd as well as gaining her access to the field or court so she is seen. Ideally we would like to place her in a swimming environment or hockey and have her get interviewed at half time. Once the apparel is created we can have our shirts as a giveaway at halftime on the ice thrown into the crowd.
  • Interview/ Hire Social Media Marketing Team

    This group will take care of all PR and social media accounts already created for the national team and the sport. They will also create a base page for the under water hockey organization in America where fans can easily access all information about the sport and upcoming events.
  • Create/ Promote Ticket Sales

    Offer giveaways for free entry into a match to get people inside the venue and to start them talking about the sport to their friends
  • Research Ticket Sales for the Sport in Other Countries

    Create a team that will research and look into similar sports and the same sport ticket sales in other markets to make sure that we are pricing correctly.
  • Venue Accommodations

    Establish deals with vendors so we have concessions at the venues for the fans to enjoy if they wish.
  • Check in with Merchandise Team

    Want to make sure that the merchandise is ready for the World Championship and for online purchase
  • PR for the Star Athlete

    Work to get her on ESPN or other sport networks to promote the World Championships and grow interest for the sport
  • Sponsorships

    Work on gaining the National Team at least 6 for sponsorships or the World Championship match and hopefully keeping them after that
  • New Team Wear for the National Team

    In preparation for the World Championships we want to have all the players uniforms and equipment to match and look professional
  • Conference Call With All Teams

    Establish and keep good relationship with the other countries programs
  • Set up PR for Youth Programs with National Team

    Photo opportunity and training practices between the youth team members and the national team even pick some of the youth team to be there when the National Team leaves on a plane for the World Championship
  • Confirm Final Plans and Logistics

    Make sure all teams are read for the team to leave at the end of the month
  • National Team Leaves

    Send off the Team PR event