Unit 7 Time Line

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  • Jan 1, 1546

    Ivan the terrible

    His striuct politcies and violent actions sealed his reputation as Ivan the terrible.He became worried and suspicious of his closest advisers and sent them away to be killed.He even created a police force of 6,000 men to protect hime, all dressed in black.
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    Unit 7 Time Line

  • Michael Romanov is chosen as Czar

    Michael Romanov is chosen as Czar
    When Ivan IV died, there was massive chaos making the national assembly to pick someone else to take power. Michael at first did not want to become Czar but was finally convinced.
  • The 30 years war begins

    The 30 years war begins
    The 30 years war began because of when rebles threw two Catholic members of the royal council froma window in to a pile of manure. The war was between the Catholics and the
    Protestants in Europe; this war involved everyone in Europe except England.
  • John Locke is born

    John Locke is born
    John Locke believed that people were molded by their enviorment and experiences. He also believed that people had natural right which are life, liberty and property.
  • English Civil War

    English Civil War
    The English Civil War stared due to problems with Parliament because of the idea of Divine Right of Kings. The war was between the Cavaliers and the Roundheads (supporters of the King vs. supporters of the Parliament)
  • Sir Isaac Newton is born

    Sir Isaac Newton is born
    Sir Isaac Newton discovered Natural Laws whick are gravity, etc. He mainly studied the physical world.
  • the 30 yeart war ends

    the 30 yeart war ends
    The 30 year war ended with the Pease of Westphalia. The war divided the Holy Roman Empire into two staes that would act independently.
  • Charles I

    On this day Charles I was publicly beheaded in front of his own palace. The first European monarch to be formally tried and sentenced to death by a court of law.
  • Louis XIV takes control

    Louis XIV takes control
    Louis takes control of France when Mazarin died. He developed his image as the "Sun King" trying to make his people belive he is the sorce of light and life in France. He also conmstructed the palace at Versailled as the seat of power in France.
  • Louis XIV and Absolutism

    Louis XIV and Absolutism
    He removed nobles from the Royal Council. Later he developed an army of 400,000 which frought in 4 wars between 1667 and 1713. Louis XIV wanted to dominate Europe but died in !715, leaving debt and many enemies.
  • Peter the Great is born

    Peter the Great is born
    Peter the Great "Europeanized" Russia but opening trade with the West.Peter is also credited with pulling Russia out of the medieval times.
  • Monmouth is sent to the gallows

    Monmouth is sent to the gallows
    When Monmouth is killed, Parliament offers the throne to William and Mary. When they both take the throne they create the English Bill of Rights and create an equal relationship between the crown and Parliament.
  • The Treaty of Utrecht

    After many defeats, Louis accepted the treaty. The treaty said that Louis's grandson got the Spanish throne and that France and Spain would not be ruled under the same monarch.
  • War of Austrian Succession

    When this war broke out soon after Spain, France, and two German states entered the war on Prissia's side. They were all hoping to gain territory.
  • Ottoman Empire

    On this year the Ottoman Empire joined the Polish cause.A few years after Catherine took power, she faced war in Poland where the people wanted more freedom.
  • The French Revolution begins

    The French Revolution begins
    The French Revolution began because of the Economic crisis in 1787. Then there was the shortage of all the major goods. Finally the increase on prces of all goods.
  • French Revolution: 1st Estate

    French Revolution: 1st Estate
    The French Revolution had 130,000 people of the Clergy. The people owned 10% of the land and did not pay taxes.
  • French Revolution: 2nd Estate

    French Revolution: 2nd Estate
    350,000 members of the Nobility and the people owned 25-30% of the land. They also didnt not pay taxes. The Noblity ran the government, military, etc.
  • French Revolution: 3rd Estate

    French Revolution: 3rd Estate
    The 3rd Estate was of Commoners and the peasants were 75% of the population. The people owned 40% of the land and they were craftsman, wage earners, and the middle class.