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  • The Great Awakening

    The Great Awakening
    In the early 1700s many churchleaders feared that many colonists dedication to their religion was declining and that the religious commitment of previous generations had been lost. The great awakening was an unorganized but widesprad movement of evangelical christian sermons and church meetings. Jonathan Edwards was one of the most important leaders of the great awakening. Edwards dramatic sermons that sinners must ask forgiveness for their sins or face eternal punishment.
  • the great awakening 2

    In 1738 British minister George Whitefeild came to america and began a series of revivals in Georgia and Virginia. Boston minister Benjamin Coleman said that people at Whitefeilds revivals told him that never before had they felt "such an awakened sense of the danger of putting off the grand concern of theirsouls".
  • The French and Indian War

    The French and Indian War
    The french and indian war was important because both colonies wanted to fix their problems and end their disagreement. the French were building on land that was owned by americans who were in league with the british. When the americans found out they went up to the french and told them to leave but the french refused. So the Americans told the brithish and got ready for war. There were many wars that took place during this event. One major war that took place was in Ohio River Valley.
  • the french and indian war

    The colonists mostly formed alliances with the french. The British attacked the capital of French Canada and while the French at Fort Duquense were distracted by it the British took over the fort.
  • The Proclamation Of 1763

    The Proclamation Of 1763
    This was important because it banned any further british colonial settlement west of the Appachian mountains, creating a dividing line between colonial and indian lands. What caused this was leaders who feared more fighting would take place on the frontier if colonists continued to move onto indian lands. the british and colonists were both fine with the proclamation even though the colonists werent totally agreeing with it. Eventually people and colonists started disobeying the proclamation.
  • The Sugar Act

    The Sugar Act
    This event was important because it was to help pay for the army. There were a rising of indian attacks and britain didnt have the funding to help the army. The colonists were unhappy about it. They didnt like paying taxes that werent set by the people. Eventualy Samuel Addams spoke up and got the tax removed.
  • The Stamp Act

    The Stamp Act
    This event was important because it helped pay for the standing army. The minister heard the complaints on the sugar act and stopped it but still needed a way to put taxes on people and help pay fo the army so he passed the stamp act. The colonists had to pay for stamps and the money went to the army. Anyone who refused to buy stamps were sent to court. The colonists refused to buy stamps.
  • townshend act

    townshend act
    This was important because it helped pay for the army. After the sugar act and the stamp act the parliement still needed a way to pay for the millitary. It placed duties on important glass, lead, paints, and tea. The colonists thought that it took to much power away from colonial arts and legislatures and gave it to royal oficials.
  • The Boston Massacre

    The Boston Massacre
    This was important because it proved to prevent further violence by quieting the unrest. This was caused by a troop of soldiers shot into a big crowd of people that was swarming them and their shots hit 6 people. 2 of the soldiers were convicted of accidentely killing 2 people and were branded on the hand and then released. A trial ruled the two troops guilty and it helped prevent further violence by quieting the unrest.
  • The Tea Act

    The Tea Act
    This helped pay for military expenses. After all previous acts failed, the minister still needed to pay for the military so he set the act on tea. The parliement kept taxes on tea. Many colonial merchants and smugglers opposed the act, however, out of fear that the british east india tea companys cheap tea would put the out of business. It ended because many colonists opposed it and it lead to the boston tea party.
  • The Boston Tea Party

    The Boston Tea Party
  • The Intolerable Acts

    This was important because the british hoped it would restore royal authority in the colonies by making an example of massachusets. After the prime minister heard about the boston tea party he was furious so he passed the intolerable acts. The colonists responded by writing pamphlets, editorials, and plays to criticise the british government.
  • The Battle Of Lexington/Concord

    this was important because it was the beginning of the american revolution. Revere and William daves received word that the british were crossing the charles river to march toward concord. The two men hopped on there horses and rode through the country side, warning miniute men that the british are coming.
  • The Battle of Bunker Hill

    The british were going to secure charlestown but the colonists heard of their plan and dug defenses around breed hill wich made the british mad and so they attacked. The colonial comander ordered his troops not to fire until they saw the white of the britishs eyes.
  • Common Sense

    This was important because it became a turning point in changing many colonists attitude toward britain. After Paine met Benjamin Franklin he was inspired to write the common sense. Within 3 months, colonists had bought around 120,000 copies.
  • The Declaration of Independance

    The Declaration of Independance
  • The Battle of Saratoga

    This was marked the greatest victory up to the point of american forces. On his way through New York, Burgyones badly outnumbered troops clashed with the patriots. Burgyone suffered a major defeat to patriot troops under general Horatio gates and benedict arnold.
  • The Battle of Yorktown

  • Treaty of Paris

    This was important becauseit helped the patriots gain allies. The americans wanted allies to help them with the war. The treaty laid out the new nations borders. the british formaly accepted american rights to settle and trade west of the origional colonies. The colonists were happy because they got their absolute freedom and independency. The patriot soldiers got to return hom to their familie and friends.