US 1600's Timeline

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  • Settlement of Jamestown

    There was much promise of succeeding in the new world until winter came and started to diminish the population of the new colony. Many men that had come over did not want to put in the effort to work in order to survive. Luckily, John Winthrop and some Indians saved the town by creating a system of work that allowed the town to succeed and survive through all the harsh seasons. They also helped with crops and materials to further develop the colony
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  • First Slaves brought to Jamestown

    African Americans were first captured by the Portuguese and were brought over on what is known as the Hampton Roads. The conditions that these slaves were brought over in was not good by any means. They were given the bare minimum water and food and most of the time it was still not given enough. Some people were brought over and called indentured servants who worked for free to learn a trade. They later earned their freedom.
  • Pilgrims arrive at Plymouth

    The Pilgrims arrived at Massachusetts on the Mayflower from England. They traveled for 66 days on the ship until they eventually landed at Cape Cod. Many of the men signed the Mayflower Compact which was the first governing document for the colony.
  • The House of Burgesses

    1619 was the first time that the House of Burgesses met together. It was the first part of the democratic government of America.
  • Jamestown Massacre

    This massacre took place in the first Virginia colony. An indian tribe attacked the settlers with many weapons and killing all the colonist that they could. A total of 347 people died in the massacre.
  • Founding of Boston

    John Winthrop founded Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Quakers in Massachusetts

    Ann Austin and Mary Fisher were the first two Quakers to arrive in Boston, Massachusetts. They did not have a very friendly welcome because many people did not agree with their teachings and were thrown in jail.
  • Charlestown Founded

    Charlestown was first founded in 1670 and is located on the west bank of the Ashley River. This was one of the first cities founded in New England so it had a tremendous impact on the settlements. History Charleston. (n.d.). Retrieved December 06, 2020, from
  • Bacon's Rebellion

    This rebellion was led by Nathaniel Bacon. He falsely accused Native Americans for stealing corn and asked permission from the governor to attack the Indians. The governor refused so he went on his way to attack the Indians.