US 1700's Timeline

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  • Benjamin Franklin

    Benjamin Franklin invents the lightning rod in 1752 which drastically changed society. The invention of this also led to many other discoveries of Franklin regarding different forms of electricity.
  • French and Indian War

    This war started because France and Great Britain had a dispute on who was going to be the dominate power within North America. Britain won the war and took control of North America. However Britain went into a large amount of debt over the war.
  • Steam Engine

    James Watt invents the steam engine which greatly increases the productivity of many things in America. It decreased travel time in transporting humans, mail and different crops.
  • The Stamp Act

    The Stamp Act was created to tax the colonist excessively on many imported goods from Britain. This act made many of the colonists even more angry with the British, so they were willing to start fighting in the Revolutionary War.
  • The Boston Massacre

    The Boston Massacre was one of the first events that led people to want to fight in the Revolutionary War. Snowballs were being thrown at some of the British regulars and then one of the general officer's gun misfired. Other soldiers started firing killing five citizens.
  • The Boston Tea Party

    The colonists planned a political protest because the British were taxing people without being represented in the laws created by Britain. The people decided to dump approximately 92,000 lbs. of tea into the harbor, which wasted lots of British money. It was not just the loss of money that made an impact, it was also a statement to the British.
  • The American Revolution Begins

    The American Revolution was the war that allowed America to officially declared its independence from Great Britain. This war lasted seven years and both sides had many casualties. After many lost and won battles, the US finally declared independence.
  • The Declaration of Independence

    This document was created to state the morals the United States was going to be founded on. It also stated the official reasons why the US was going to split apart from Great Britain. America's Founding Documents. (n.d.). Retrieved December 04, 2020, from
  • The Constitution of the United States

    The Constitution makes sure every American's rights, protection of life, liberty, and property are all withheld within the nation. The Constitution ensures that there are balances within the government.
  • George Washington

    George Washington becomes the first President of the US.
  • Cotton Gin

    The cotton gin was made by Eli Whitney. It made picking cotton and separating seeds from the cotton easier and more efficient. This invention led to many different advances in the cotton industry.
  • John Adams President

    John Adams was the second elected president of the US. He won against Thomas Jefferson.