US 1800's Timeline

Timeline created by abby.dahl
  • The Louisiana Purchase

    The Louisiana Purchase was a deal made between France and the US to obtain land west of the Mississippi River. They paid a total of 15 million dollars for the land. This purchase was very important to the survival of America because they needed to know how to use the Mississippi River for transportation and how access the port of New Orleans for important commerce.
    The Louisiana Purchase. (1682, January 01)
  • Steamboat Trip

    Robert Fulton made the very first successful long distance journey on the Clermont steam boat. This trip was made from New York to 1807. It created a hope for future commerce and transportation to continue to be improved. Robert Fulton. (n.d.). Retrieved December 04, 2020, from
  • The Battle of Tippecanoe

    William Henry Harrison was the main person who led the Americans to victory in the battle. He won the battle by a landslide. His reputation related to the victory in this battle is what severely impacted the outcome of his presidential election. Many people loved his heroism, so they voted for him in the election which he later won.
  • The War of 1812

    The war of 1812 was a direct response to Great Britain, hoping to stop their attempts of mistreatment on Americans. There were many battles fought during this war, but the British won the war. The Americans had many victories that later helped them gain their independence.
  • The Battle of New Orleans

    This was a war fought during the War of 1812 which was won by the Americans. Major General Andrew Jackson led the Americans to their most successful victory against the British.
  • The Missouri Compromise

    This was a compromise that Maine would become a free state and Missouri would be a slave state. This was the agreement in order to keep the balance of slave and free within America.
  • The Mexican-American War

    The Mexican-American War was between Mexico and America. The US won and received land from Mexico. The main land obtained by this war was California, Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, and parts of other states.
  • Abraham Lincoln

    Abraham Lincoln became president in 1861 and his presidency ended with his assassination in 1865.
  • The Civil War

    This was a war between the US Confederacy and the Union. It was a war over whether or not The United States would become a free or slave nation. At the end of the war slavery was abolished and no longer officially practiced in the US. Gay, K., & Gay, M. (1995). Civil War: Vol. 1st ed. Lerner Publishing Group.