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  • the great awakening

    the great awakening
    The Great Awakening was a series of revival church worship sessions that were common around the 1730's and 40's. These were usually done outside in front of sometimes thousands of people. These worship sessions were led by preachers such as Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield. the reason this started was to get more people to join the christian religion. the outcome was most people decided to switch and join the christian religion.
  • French and indian war

    French and indian war
    1754-1763 was when this war took place. This war was between Great Britain, France, and North America.It was important because it led up to Britains debt which caused many other events to happen such as the intolerable acts. The colonists were outraged after the war because they had to follow all of the new taxes. This war ended in 1763 after seven years.
  • Proclamation of 1763

    Proclamation of 1763
    The proclamation was important because it created the dividing line between colonial and Indian lands. The reason this proclmation was made was because of the french and indian war. The document banned living past the river valley, and it also enabled the quartering act which forced citizens to house soldiers. The British were the ones who made this and th colonists responded by trying to find out how to strike back.
  • sugar act

    sugar act
    The british went into debt after the war so they decided that to get money they would put a tax on sugar. This started because the British went into debt from the french and indian war. The colonists were outraged that they had to pay taxes on sugar. Samuel Adams ended this by tell the colonists this was illegal.
  • stamp act

    stamp act
    This was another law made by Britain stating there was a tax on paper. This also was caused by the lack of money in britain. The colonists responded by protesting and making objects with sentences such as "no stamp act" written on them. This was important because it was the first time parliament taxed.it was ended because the British were tired of the protesting.
  • townshend acts

    townshend acts
    These were multiple taxes put on by the british the taxes were, imported glass, tea, paper, and lead paints. Again the cause was britains debt. this was important because it created the daughters of liberty. The colonists responded by having the daughters help boycotts the british responded and this ended the event by having soldiers come and watch the colonies.
  • boston massacre

    boston massacre
    British soldiers shot and killed Crispus Attucks, James Caldwell, Patrick Car, Samuel Gray, and Samuel Maverick. Colonists used this event as propoganda. The British soldiers were put on trial. This event was important because It inspired colonists to take action. This event was ended by some of the soldiers being sentenced to branding on the hand.
  • tea act

    tea act
    Tea was now being sold only by a cheap version from Britain by law so they could earn money. This was caused by Britain's debt. Colonists responded by not buying any tea and protesting. What caused this was the British East India company got a monopoly. This was important because it would later cause the boston tea party.
  • boston tea party

    boston tea party
    Colonists dressed up as Indians and poured all of the tea off of a boat into the dock below. This was important because it stopped the sale of tea in the colonies from the British. the British responded by later making the intolerable acts. The colonists thought they had one the battle over the tea act but they were far from it. It ended by causing the intolerable acts.
  • intolerable acts

    intolerable acts
    Britain made 4 new rules to follow because of the boston tea party. This was important because boston was not aloud to use their harbor. The colonists responded by making boycotts. this was cause by the tea party. It ended when The Battle Of Lexington/Concord started.
  • battle of lexington/concord

    battle of lexington/concord
    The Americans went into Concord to fight the oncoming British soldiers. This was important because it spawned the expression "The British are coming!" What led up to this was the intolerable acts. What caused this battle was The Boston Tea Party. It ended by having the colonists lose the battle.
  • battle of bunker hill

    battle of bunker hill
    The colonists battled until they secured a British fort. This was important because it was a moral victory for the colonists. What led up to this was fort Ticonderoga. the british responded by getting morally beaten. It ended by the british winning the hill but they lost 1,000 men.
  • common sense

    common sense
    Thomas Paine wrote a book called common sense and it sold 500,000 copies. This book was written because of all of the battles happening between Great Britain and America. The book was important because it was so popular amongst the colonies it was the most popular book of its time. This book caused the declaration of Independence to be born.
  • Declaration of Independence

    Declaration of Independence
    The Declaration was written to spell out twenty-five complaints that the Americans had about King George. The declaration was important because it is what our laws are based on today. The colonists responded to the book common sense by writing the declaration.
  • Battle of Saratoga

    Battle of Saratoga
    The battles of Saratoga were when John Burgoyne and his troops surrendered to America. This was important because this was a huge turning point for America in the war. The colonists had just won a huge advantage taking out a large part of the British army. Britain on the other hand lost a huge part of their army. These battles led to the battle of yorktown and it was caused by all of the fighting before the battle. it ended by the colonists having a big advantage.
  • Battle of Yorktown

    Battle of Yorktown
    A battle that was won by the colonies with George Washington leading them. This was important because it was a big victory against the British troops. This battle was cause by the declaration of independence being written. This led up to the treaty of Paris because over 7,000 British soldiers were captured
    in the battle.
  • Treaty of Paris

    Treaty of Paris
    This was a document written as a truce between America and Britain. This was important because it ended the revouloutionary war between America and Britain. It was caused by all of the soldiers being captured in Yorktown. All countries that were involved in the war were involved in the treaty such as France, spain, and the Ductch Republic.