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  • The Massacre at Sand Creek

    The Massacre at Sand Creek
    The chief of the Cheyenne people were promised protection from the United States Army. Although, this promise was not kept as on November 29, 1864, the morning after his promise. A group called the Colorado volunteers surrounded the Sand Creek. Which was the area in which the Cheyenne people lived. The chief held up a flag as a sign of peace and friendship, but they did not care. ... URL-
  • The Golden Spike

    The Golden Spike
    The Golden Spike was hit into the ground with a hammer by Leland Stanford in honor of the completion of the coast to coast railroad. There was much celebration across the nation. The Liberty bell rang then once again. As this made trade and travel, simpler, faster, and cheaper. URL-
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    From the Baltimore railroad strike of 1877 to today’s modern society. This timeline explains all the important events in between the years.
  • Congressional Investigation

    Congressional Investigation
    J.P. Morgan was often known for leading Wall Street out of the financial crisis. He held a meeting with the top financiers and convinced them to bail faulty financial issues in the system. He was able to stabilize the markets. Although, some people thought he was manipulating it for his own gain and that he had too much power. He was then facing increasing amounts of criticism. URL-
  • The Panama Canal

    The Panama Canal
    In 1914, there was the construction of the Panama Canal costing approximately 345 million dollars. The United States created a canal from New York to San Francisco to sail around the top of Africa. This journey then only being 12,000 miles long compared to making the trip extra long going around America. The United States was the first country to then recognize the new government of Panama. URL-
  • War Industries Board

    War Industries Board
    In 1917, the war industries board was established to make an organized way of making ammunition and supplies for war. This group was determined to find the best materials and what products they would be good for. Women then transferred over into the industrial working to compensate for the lack of workers due to the war. URL-
  • Radio Stations

    Radio Stations
    Once Warren Harding was becoming the next president and had defeated James Cox on November 2, 1920, much changed. A new industry was born once the government granted the call letter KDKA to the Pittsburgh station. This monopolized the airwaves, but then 500 other stations had started in the U.S. by the end of 1922. This then led to congress creating their own federal radio commission. URL-
  • Equal Rights Act

    Equal Rights Act
    The right stating “Equality of rights under the law shall not be abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex.” Was sent to congress. This simple sentence sent by a national women party was not talked about, but finally seen at its ratification in the early 1970s. This is mainly due to the founder of the group Alice Paul. Who worked for the passage of the ERA (Equal Rights Act) until her last day in 1977. URL-
  • The Bank Holiday

    The Bank Holiday
    In 1932 with the Great Depression in full swing, an additional 5102 banks went out of business. Once Roosevelt took his oath in office he declared the bank holiday. This meant that for at least 4 days, banking transactions were suspended across the nation. Then created a law saying in which the President through the treasury democracy would reopen the banks that were solvent and help those that were not. URL-
  • Manhattan Project

    Manhattan Project
    In late 1941, America was determined to create and design an atomic bomb. After some research, physicists were able to control their first nuclear chain reaction. Once this had occurred it was all hands on deck making the bomb. The bomb was assembled and the pieces were put together. It was then estimated that the final bill cost nearly 2 billion dollars, spent on research and development of the atomic bomb. The Manhattan Project employees... URL-
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    Japan was determined to have their goals accomplished. In which they would attack the United States to not be as vulnerable to an American naval attack. The plan was to distract the Americans with this bombing as they would capture the Philippines. On December 7th almost 3,000 Americans were then killed and destroyed six battleships. URL-
  • Civil Rights sit-in

    Civil Rights sit-in
    Something new was added to the peaceful activist strategy. Four African American college students went into a whites-only diner. Sitting down they ask for service and when given none and told to leave they sat. Civil Rights sit-in was born. All they did was sit quietly and wait to be served. They were harassed and beaten, but that was to show how something so simple and the whites during that time, this is how they acted. URL-
  • Lusitania

    On May 7, 1915, a German boat had launched itself into the water with no warning. This made 1,198 people die as the boat was filled with 4 million rounds of ammo. The President was furious as the British were disobeying and the Germans were causing deaths. URL-
  • Music Televison

    Music Televison
    MTV brought a whole new revolution to the recording industry. MTV would broadcast music video interpretations of popular songs. These include songs by Madonna and Micheal Jackson. MTV then got quite popular and other music and shows were created. It is now still around today. URL-
  • Internet Development

    Internet Development
    In 1970 the internet was developed by the department of defense. This was to help the military in case of an attack. As the internet grew, scientists used it to communicate with each other. Then in 1984 the internet was no longer under the governments control. Personal computers were then made for people to connect with one another on local or national networks. URL-
  • Operation Desert Shield

    Operation Desert Shield
    The Operation Desert shield is one major deployment in which over 500,000 American troops were shed to Saudi Arabia. The United States then participated in the defense of Saudi Arabia. This was in case the Iraqi people would attack. The United States then went looking for military support from the U.N. The United Nations then condemned Iraq and helped form a group to fight Saddam militarily. URL-
  • The Clinton Scandal

    The Clinton Scandal
    In January, a scandal occurred in which ended in the impeachment of Clinton, ending his presidency. It was a scandal that unfolded in the press. The press reported Clinton engaged in a sexual relationship with an intern that worked at the White House with him. At first he denied it ever happened during his first term, but evidence proved otherwise... URL-