Video Game History Timeline

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  • First Pinball game

    First Pinball game
    The first pinball game was made 1871 by Montague Redgrave.
  • First Sport Video Game

    First Sport Video Game
    The first Sport video game was created in 1958. Called Tennis for two created by William Higinbotham. Sports games have evolved as-well
  • First Virtual Reality Game System

    First Virtual Reality Game System
    Sensorama was the first VR game created in 1962.By Morton Heilig .
  • First Game Console

    First Game Console
    Odyssey, was the first game console. Came out in North America in September of the year 1972. Ralph Baer, an engineer, created the system was developed& ping-pong style gameplay that the Odyssey offered
  • First Multiplayer Game

    The First Multiplayer game was created in 1973 by the University of Illinois. "Empire" is a strategic turn-based game for up to eight players.
  • First Car Video Game

    First Car Video Game
    Gran Trak 10 wasthe first Car video Game. Created in 1974 by Allan Alcorn.
  • First Action-Adventure Game

    First Action-Adventure Game
    The first Action-Adventure Game was the Atari 2600 game Adventure (1980). Created by Warren Robinett. The Atari 2600 was released in 1980 by Atari, Inc.
  • First Simulation Video Game

    First Simulation Video Game
    SimCity was the first simulator, made in 1989,by Will Wright. There were more subsequently games created and they are capable of teaching players the basics of genetics and global ecosystems.
  • First 3d Video Game

    First 3d Video Game
    Quake was the very first 3D video game. Created by Wolfenstein 3d. In 1992 by Bobby Prince
  • First Playstation Created

    First Playstation Created
    The First PLaystation was made on December 3, 1994,by Mark Cerny. These playstations have evolved throughout time. From sizes,shapes, and even color.