War of 1812

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  • Orders in Council

    Established blockade of all French controlled ports in Europe which basically outlawed all US trade with France.
  • Impressment of American sailors

    The British impressed American sailors, as they considered that once a British citizen always remained one.
  • The Chesapeake Affair

    British warship HMS Leopard attacked American vessel USS Chesapeake and seized four "supposed" dissenters, three of whom were American citizens. First time British navy took dissenters from an American ship.
  • The Embargo Act

    Government decides to stop all exports to other nations to coerce Britain and France to respect America's neutrality.
  • Teaty of Fort Wayne

    The governor of Indiana territory, William Harrison, tricked poor native Americans to sell lands, that didn't belong to them, for worthless amounts. Angered Native Americans and led to them seeking help from the British against US expansion.
  • Battle of Tippercanoe

    Tenskwatawa attacks Harrison's encampment. Although the Natives inflict heavy casualties, they are beaten back. Further worsens relationships and elvates Harrison to "hero" status.
  • Madison sends war message to Congress

    Madison saw British aggression as an indirect attempt to destroy America's economy and therefore war was the only reasonable answer to the problem.
  • Battle of Thames

    American victory which led to the death fo Tecumseh. Led to the surrender of the native Americans under Tecumseh's leadership
  • Battle of Bladensburg

    British victory which allowed them to capture and burn Washington D.C.
  • Treaty of Ghent

    Established pre-war boundaries between US and Canada. Ended the War of 1812