War of 1812

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  • Impressment of Sailors

    This was the capturing of American sailors and forcing them to recruit into the British Army, and this had been making Americans mad, and this was one of the main contributors to the War of 1812.
  • Washington's Proclamation of Neutrality

    In an attempt to avoid a war with France and Britain, President George Washington made a Proclamation of Neutrality, which he hoped would keep them both from getting angry with the United States for trading with the 'enemy'.
  • Jay Treaty

    This treaty was written by John Jay, and made so that America would be able to make itself a strong National economy, and to try and make the tensions between the United States and Britain lessen. It was written in London, United Kingdom on November 19th, 1794, and took effect on February 29, 1796.
  • Washington's Farewell Address

    After George Washington had served as President for 20 years, he decided to resign his position so other people could have the chance to become President. In this letter he warns the people to not make political classes, as this could harm the government, which is what he honestly believed. After this was published, the new elections began, and John Adams had become the new President of the United States after winning by one vote.
  • Chesapeake-Leopard Affair

    This was an engagement between naval forces the British warship Leopard, and the American warship Chesapeake. It took place off of the coast of Norfolk, Virginia on June 22nd, 1807. The British won this battle.
  • The Embargo Acts of 1807

    These Acts were all signed by President Thomas Jefferson, and they were meant to try and keep the British from impressing more American sailors, which has been causing a lot of tension between Britain and the United States. These Acts would forbid and American ships to trade in any foreign ports, and this would eventually cause the American economy to crash since they were not able to trade.
  • War Hawks

    These were people that really wanted to go to war against Britain, who had been trying to provoke the United States into fighting with them, despite the previous Proclamation of Neutrality.
  • War of 1812 Begins

    This war was declared between the United States and Great Britain. The war was declared by Americas President James Madison, and the reason it was declared because of previous British impressment of the American sailors.
  • Tecumesh

    He was and Indian War Chief, who had tried to make an Indian state to stop the Americans from settling in the North-East territory. He took part in the war of 1812, and he died on October 15, 1813.
  • Treaty of Ghent

    This was a peace treaty that was signed to end the war of 1812, a war fought between Britain and the United States. It was signed in the Netherlands, on December 24th, 1814, and took affect on February of 1815
  • Hartford Convention

    These were a group of meetings of the people who did not like the war, and they had refused to let their militias be controlled by the government. At these meetings they discussed the circumstances the country was in and why they did not support the war.
  • Battle of New Orleans

    This battle was fought (obviously) in New Orleans, and it was the biggest victory for the Americans, and the General leading this battle was Andrew Jackson. The battle was started because the British had tried to take over an American trading port, and the United States retaliated by battling them.