washington state timeline 2

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  • James J. Hill

    James J. Hill
    James J. Hill was a steamboat, coal , and railway bussiness owner. So what you may say but James J. Hill was very improtant to the washington state by connecting it ti the rest of the country with his railroad company.
  • Whitman Massacare

    Whitman Massacare
    Dr.Marcus Whitman, his wife and many other U.S. missionaries were killed by Cayuse Indians
    Was in Oregon County
    This incident caused the Cayuse War
    Took place in now Southeastern Washington/Walla Walla.
    So what?
    Cayuse War
    Paved the way for Washington and Oregon.
  • Pig War

    Pig War
    The Pig War was a confrontation that started in 1859 between the United States of America and the British Empire over the borders between the U.S. and British North America (Canada/British Columbia). So what?
    The reason why the Pig War is important is because if the United States hadn’t won, then the San Juan Islands would be part of Canada.
  • Boeing

    Boeing was founded in 1916. So what?
    Boeing is one of the bigest ari plane makers in the world.
  • Microsoft

    first verzion of windows relaesed march 13th 1986. So what?
    microsoft is one of the bigest softwaer companys in the world.