Week 12: Week of April 6 Assignment 1

Timeline created by Chong8303
  • Early Years: TV Shows

    Early Years: TV Shows
    Began watching educational program channels such as PBS Kids, Disney, Nickelodeon, ABC Family, Animal Planet, and Discovery channel. The shows helped me become comfortable around other English speakers which made learning less anxious and enjoyable.
  • 1st Grade: Read A Loud

    1st Grade: Read A Loud
    Reading aloud teaches students to process images in their minds as the teacher reads. It also gives opportunities to build listening skills, thinking skills, and phonological awareness.
  • Grade 3 to 5: Spelling Bee

    Grade 3 to 5: Spelling Bee
    Spelling Bees are fun interactive ways to test students on their newly obtained vocabulary. By testing students on their vocabulary will help in the long run with their reading comprehension, writing, and speaking. The more vocabulary students learn, better readers they become.
  • Classroom Library

    Classroom Library
    Having a classroom library filled with different types of reading materials and levels will help make reading fun and encourage good reading habits.
  • Primary Education: Schoolhouse Rock

    Primary Education: Schoolhouse Rock
    Mainly used in primary education, Schoolhouse Rock made learning fun, playful, and less anxious. The video helped clarify any confusions we had about the subject being learned by providing visuals of step by step instructions and examples to help us understand the connections being made. After watching, the class would discuss and share their understanding with the class. By doing so, the teacher will clarify any additional confusion and adjust the lesson plan accordingly.
  • Field Trips

    Field Trips
    Students connect in class learning with direct learning experience only obtainable on field trips. They will gain new and build knowledge which will assist students with better understanding about the topic being learned.
  • Middle School: Book Club/ Literature Circles

    Middle School: Book Club/ Literature Circles
    Students explore books with different themes and learn how to communicate with others. They learn how to share their thoughts with other readers and hear different perspectives. Through these practices, they are able to exercise their brain, social skills, concentration, and speech.
  • 9th Grade: English Literature

    9th Grade: English Literature
    Students are exposed to a broad sophisticated range of books which they are able to relate with on a personal level. They learn how to cope and deal with similar social problems, learn about perspectives, cultural, and racial issues commonly seen in society.
  • 10th Grade: World History

    10th Grade: World History
    Reading about world history gives students exposure to analyze different styles of text structure. Students learn how to preview, read advanced papers, writing, and study geography.
  • High School: Creative Writing

    High School: Creative Writing
    By having students explore different text structures, styles, and forms of writing in reading will help students create and improve their own writing skills.