Where have I been?

Timeline created by bcf28
  • Valencia, Spain

    Valencia, Spain
    My friend and I went on a working holiday around Spain for one month. We started in Valencia. We were able to go and see the America's Cup (a yacht race) and all the yachts. After that we travelled to Órgiva where we picked olives and did farm work in exchange for a room and food. I loved this experience!
  • Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife

    Puerto de la Cruz, Tenerife
    I went to Tenerife with my family in 2008 for a week's holiday. It was lovely and sunny. Tenerife is one of the Canary Islands that belong to Spain, Whist there I ate lots of tapas and enjoyed the sun. One day we got a train to the Loro Parque which has over 3,500 animals and the worlds largest collection of parrots!
  • Bayeux, France

    Bayeux, France
    I went to Bayeux in France. I took my grandfather to see all the D-Day landing beaches, famous from the second world war. Bayeux itself is very famous, this is where the Bayeux Tapestry is housed. This is a 68 metre embroidered cloth – not an actual tapestry – which depicts the events leading up to the Norman conquest of England
  • Brisbane, Australia

    Brisbane, Australia
    I went to Australia to visti my family. We wnt to Mount Cootha and looked out over the city. The weather was lovely and hot! I was able to go to Southbank, which is one of my faourite places!
  • Christchurch, New Zealand

    Christchurch, New Zealand
    I went to Christchurch, New Zealand to visit family. I took a day trip to the small town of Akaroa, which was beautiful. The weather was lovely and I enjoyed long walks through the botanical gardens.
  • Port el kantaoui, Tunisia

    Port el kantaoui, Tunisia
    In October last year I went to Tunisia, which is in Africa. I went for a week. It was very hot! Whilst there I went on a two day trip to the Sahara Desert. I got to see where Star Wars was filmed! I also went to El Djem - the worlds seventh largest amphitheatre, camel ridding in the Sahara Desert, watched the sunrise in the desert, Chott el Djerid - the largest salt lake in the Sahara and finally Kairoua - the holiest place for muslims in Africa.
  • Berlin, Germany

    Berlin, Germany
    I went to Berlin to visits friends there and also to go to the Christmas markets (weihnachtsmarkt). I studied German at school so it was great to be able to speak with the locals. The markets were beautiful, lots of nice presents for the family. I went with my mum and sister as a girlie shopping weekend. It was ver, very cold when we were there.
  • Sumner, Christchurch

    Sumner, Christchurch
    I moved to Sumner, New Zealand from England in February. It is very pretty in Sumner. I live here so that I can go to University in Christchurch.