Where is Mikkel Nielsen?

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  • February 21th

    mikkel was with his older brother who declared “until now, he has always stayed with he but that day he told them that his friends have bought the new PS5 and he wanted to go to play but that’s the last thing he knew about him”
  • February 20th

    Mikkel Nielsen was last seen on February 20th near a candy store in downtown. He’s 11 years old, he had an orange jacket and he was alone.
  • february 22 th

    the police find a proof in the candy store they find a video from the security cameras of the candy store the proof was that mikkel met with a man
  • february 23 th

    but who is this man,the police star to search who is this man an they fin that he is a psychopath who escaped from a mental hospital ,the situation is serious
  • February 24th

    the police try to find more proofsso they star to find videos in the security cameras from near stores and they find that mikkel was with this psycopath an they went to a near lake in the forest
  • February 25th

    the police go to this lake and they find some footprigs so they follow the footprings they found some blod drops in the wall of a house in the middle of the forest
  • February 26th

    the blod drops show a way to a cave the police find something in the cave entrance ,they found a mikkel bracelet,the most intelligent answer is that mikkel was inside the cave ,the police go inside and began to search ,they find an arm from mikkel
  • february 27 th

    when they find the arm it was a big surprise and they find the mikkel backpack, the police discovered that the cave has two entrances and that's where they go out
  • February 28th

    they were still looking and they went through the second entrance and find mikkel dead butchered and the psychopath had committed suicide by his side