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  • Van

    Feburary 26th 1993 there was a rented van packed with explosives that had been detonated beneath the World Trade Center, which was close to bringing the Twin Towers down.
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  • Embarrasment

    The Americans considered a retaliatory missile attack against the al-Qaeda leader, similar to the strike on Zawar Kili in 1998, but eventually scrapped the plan because they weren’t sure where he was & they didn’t want to be embarrassed by another failure.
  • Attempt Failed

    Attempt Failed
    some of the cruise missiles launched against the Zawar Kili training camp in Khost, attempt to kill Osama bin Laden had been fired from Cole.
  • USS Cole

    USS Cole
    A 4 billion dollar, 505 foot long guided-missile destroyer, arrived in the Yemeni port of Aden on the southern tip of the Arabian Peninsuala to top off its fule tanks at an offshore buoy.
  • Commission Report

    Commission Report
    according to the 9/11 Commission Report, the operation had been supervised directly by bin Laden. He chose the target and location of the attack, selected the suicide operatives, and provided the money needed to purchase the explosives and equipment.