William Gloding

Timeline created by Jwells2004
  • Birth

    Born in Saint Columb Minor, Cornwall, England.Was raised in a 14-century house next door to a graveyard.
  • Teaching

    William went to Brasenose Collage at Oxford to study science.He switched of to literature.
  • Started Teaching

    William started teaching English and Philosophy at Bishop Wordsworth's School in Salisbury.He loved his job and was very passionate.
  • Royal Navy

    After five years of teaching William joined the Royal Navy to fight in WW2.He fought in the war for six years rosette rank of Lieutenant.
  • Went back to teaching

    Once he finished in the war he went back to teaching.One of many of his other callings.
  • Lord of the Flies

    After bing rejected 21 times he finally got his first book "Lord of the Flies".His book taught classrooms around the world.
  • Film "Lord of the Flies"

    The first film was made by producer Peter Brook. Happened a year after retiring from teaching.
  • Nobel Prize

    At age 73 William won the Nobel Peace Prize for literature.This showed just how influential his novel was.
  • Knighted by Queen Elizabeth 2

    In the summer of 1988, William Golding was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II. He was the age of 78 when this happened.
  • Death

    William Golding died in Perranarworthal, Cornwall, England. His cause of death was congestive heart failure at the age of 81.