Women's Rights

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  • Seneca Falls Convention

    Seneca Falls Convention
    July 18 1848, Seneca Falls New York a Convention was held with 68 women and 32 men present. Over the span of tow days the delegates debated and discussed the outline for the Women's Rights Movement. At the end of the convention the delagetes signed the Declaration of Sentiments, which is a set of 12 adopted resolutions having women and men have the same rights under voting laws.
  • Period: to

    Women's Rights

    Womens Rights TryoutsIn 1848 the first ever Women Rights Convention was held. The convention was held to discuss expanding the role of women in America, improve womens quality of life, right to vote, education, and property rights. After the convention 100 people public commitment to help improve womens rights. Today women acchevied all this and more, but the revolution still continues
  • National Women's Rights Convention

    National Women's Rights Convention
    The National Women's Rights Convention was held in Worcester Massachusetts October 23, 24 1850. This Convention was held for women to secure political, legal, and social equality with man. The women made speeches, strategy's, and letters to advocates to get there point accross.
  • National Women's Suffrage Association

    National Women's Suffrage Association
    Susan B Anthony, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton founded the National Women's Suffrage Association in May of 1869. This is an organization for women were the main goal is trying to get the right to vote.This Association helps to an end i discrimantion in employment and pay.
  • American Women's Association

    American Women's Association
    The American Women's Association is an organzation that Lucy Stone, and Julia Ward Howe founded. This Association helps with gaing the right to vote. The American Women's Association (AWA) only works on gaing the right to vote unlike the (NWSA) wich focuses on voting and other womens issues.
  • Wyoming grants womes the vote

    Wyoming grants womes the vote
    December 10 1896 the terroity Wyoming passes a bill that states women can vote in Wyoming. In 1869 the terriotary of Wymoing had 6,000 men but only 1,000 women. In hopes that more women would come to there state the wymoing state passed the law.
  • The National Women's Suffrage Association and the American Suffrage Association merge

    The National Women's Suffrage Association and the American Suffrage Association merge
    In May of 1890 two Womens Associations merge. The National Womne's Suffrage Association (NWSA), and the American Suffrage Association (ASA) merged to form the National American Womens Suffrage Association (NAWSA).
  • First State to grant Women right to vote

    First State to grant Women right to vote
    In 1893 the first state to pass the law that states women are alllowd to vote is Colorado. COlorado adopted the amendment stating that women were allowd to vote. This state had alot of support from men and women to pass the law
  • National Womens Trade Union

    National Womens Trade Union
    The National Womens Trade Union (NWTU) was established in 1903. the NWTu was an organziation with both working class women and higher class women. working to get women good labor laws.
  • National Women's Trade Union

    National Women's Trade Union
    The National Womens Trade Union was established in Boston 1903. The NWTU is an organziation of working women, first-class women, and professional reformers. The purpose of the NWTu was to assist women worker wages.
  • First U.S. birth-control

    First U.S. birth-control
    Margaret Sanger opeans the first ever birh-control clinic. In the Bronx NY she opeaned her clinic to help teens, young women, and any women that wanted help with birth-control. Margaret was arrested 10 days latter for opeaning the clinic.
  • Wmen’s Department of labor bureau

    In 1920 the Womens Department of Labor bureau was established. Th womens department of labor bureauhelps women in workforce.
  • Women gain right to vote

    Women gain right to vote
    On August 26 1920 Women gained the right to vote. The 19 amendment was passed allowing all women in americe to vote.
    the 19 amendment was added to the conostution.
  • The FDA approves

    The Food and Drug Association approves birth control. The FDA has not allowd birth control since 1960 and they thought it was unsafe for women.
  • Passes pay act

    On June 10 1963 Congresss passes the equal pay act. The equal pay act makes all employers pay men and women equal wages for the same job.
  • Workforce discrimanition

    Women Continue to lobby against workforce women discrimantion. Women are lobbing for equal pay, rghts, and respect.
  • Civil Rights Act

    The Civil Rights Act bands discrimantion in employment. This act makes it illegial for employers to hire or fire bases on race, and sex.
  • Naional organization for women

    The National Organization for Women (NOW) is the largest womens group in america. Now organization focuses on exual discrimination, by means of legislative lobbying, litigation, and public demonstrations.
  • Override

    The Supreme Court overrides the anti- abortion law of many states. The supreme court establishes a safe ans legal right for women to get an abortion.
  • Pregnancy discrimantion

    The pregnancy Discrimantion act makes it illegal for employers to discrimanate against pregnant women.
  • Obama Singes bill

    Obama singed the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act, which allows victims of pay discrimination to file a complaint with the government