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  • US Neutrality

    The US signed a neutrality treaty and didn't want to get in the middle of what the Japanese, Italian, German and nations were fighting about.
  • Germany Reduces the Soviet Threat

    Hitler had intentions to conquer the Soviet Union but if he were to continue on with them then he was risking danger in his growth so he thought it would be better to be neutral.
  • The War Begins

    Almost all of the European countries were now being ruled by
    Hitler because of Germany's growth.
  • Developing the First Nuclear Weapon

    President Roosevelt invented the First Nuclear Weapon, a Nuclear Bomb, with the help of Einstein.
  • Nazis Invade the Soviet Union & North Africa

    Nazis Invade the Soviet Union & North Africa
    The Nazis needed more land and resources so they went and invaded the Soviet Union and North Africa.
  • Allies Debate War Strategies

    The allies came together to plan what they were going to do to the Axis Powers.
  • The Pacific War Begins

    The Pacific War Begins
    Allies went and bombed the Japanese overseas to get revenge for Pearl Harbor.
  • US enters the war

    The US entered the war because of Japan and got involved in the attack of Pearl Harbor.
  • Nazis Begin to Persecute the Jews

    Nazis Begin to Persecute the Jews
    The Nazis were taking jews and ruling over them and were very cruel.
  • Allied Gains in North Africa & Italy, Middle East Campaigns

    Italy surrendered because the Allies gained North Africa, Italy and Middle East Campaigns.
  • The Battle of Stalingrad

    The Battle of Stalingrad
    The Nazi's lost 200,000 soldiers to a 2 month battle with Soviet troops.
  • The Allies Stop Japanese Expansion

    The Allies Stop Japanese Expansion
    The Allies bombed the Japanese to stop their expansion and the Japanese didn't expect it.
  • Allied Bombing Campaigns

    Allied Bombing Campaigns
    The German campaigns were bombed by the Allies which destroyed many cities wealth.
  • The Allies Liberate France

    The Allies Liberate France
    With the help of 1.5 million troops and transportation vehicles, the allies freed France.
  • The Horror of the Holocaust

    The Horror of the Holocaust
    The Allies were surprised when they found out that the Nazi's were trying to execute death/concentration camps filled with much more than 6 million jews.
  • The Allies Push Toward Japan

    The Allies Push Toward Japan
    The Allies took control over two islands and continued to get closer toward Japan
  • The US Decides to Drop the Bomb

    The US Decides to Drop the Bomb
    Japan refused to surrender so the US decided to drop a bomb on them instead of raiding them.
  • Two A-bombs End the War in the Pacific

    An instant surrender once two Bombs were dropped in Japan and killed over 12,0000 people.
  • The Cost of WWII

    WWII introduced many new ways of military techniques and new machinery that we still use today but also had a devastating loss over 80 million people.
  • The war ends in Europe

    Hitler commited suicide and the Germans ended the war in Europe by surrendering.
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    Testing the League of Nations

    Many countries were backing away from the league and it resulted in The League of Nations losing money.
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    Britain & France Appease Hitler

    Britain and France didn't have enough money to get involved in war so they decided to watch what Hitler was doing.
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    The US prepares for War

    The US agreed upon not wanting to get involved in the war physically but they wanted to help the Allies so they renamed their "Neutrality Act" to a “Lend-Lease act" which let them give weapons to the Allies.
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    The Battle of Britain

    Britain went into battle with Hitler.
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    The Allies Turn the Tide

    The Allies wanted to make it so that Japan can't get supplies by attacking them and pushing them back toward japan.