Timeline created by egerber_33
  • Harding wins Presidency

    Warren G. Harding became the 29th President of the U.S.
  • Emergency Immigration Act

    Was used as a temporary buffer for lawmakers to create the National Origins act in 1924.
  • Scopes Trial

    Was a biology teacher in Tennessee. He was placed on trial for violating the Butler Act which prohibited the teaching of anti-biblical theories.
  • Flight of Charles Lindbergh

    Was the first solo man to complete a flying journey across the Atlantic ocean without stopping.
  • Black tuesday

    The stock market began a long and traumatic fall which would be known as black Tuesday.
  • Manchuria Railroad Explosion

    In 1931 part of the railroad exploded in what the Japanese claimed was an attack by anti-Japanese dissidents.
  • Roosevelt Promises a New deal

    In his acceptance speech FDR promised a new deal for the American public.
  • Start of WW2

    Hilter invaded Poland from the west and two days later France and Britain declared war on Germany
  • Pearl Harbor

    The Japanese launched a surprise attack on the American Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. Sparking WW2